Andwell Priory

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Andwell Priory
Monastery information
Full name Priory of St. Mary at Andwell
Order Benedictine monks
Established early 12th century
Mother house Tiron
Dedicated to St. Mary
Controlled churches Stratton, Hinton
Founder(s) Adam de Port of Mapledurwell
Location Andwell, Hampshire, England
Coordinates 51°16′06″N 1°00′51″W / 51.2683°N 1.0142°W / 51.2683; -1.0142
Visible remains some walls and doorways

Andwell Priory is an alien priory of Benedictine monks in Andwell, Hampshire, England.

This small priory was founded as a cell of the great Benedictine abbey of Tiron in the twelfth century by Adam de Port of nearby Mapledurwell. The grant of lands in Nately and other rents were confirmed by a charter of King Henry I of England.

Bishop Wykeham purchased Andwell from the abbey of Tiron in the later part of the reighn of Richard II and bestowed it and its lands on his newly founded college at Winchester, to which it still belongs.

The premises were very small and not much remains. The north, west and east flint walls of the church survive, as do two modest 14th century doorways that were part of the west range.