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Andy Barlow[1] is a British music producer and musician most famous for his work with chilled downtempo electronic band Lamb which he co-founded in 1994 with singer Lou Rhodes.[2]

During a five-year hiatus from Lamb between 2004–09, Barlow released solo work under the alias LOWB and Hipoptimist and also spent time collaborating and remixing other artists including Placebo, Elbow & Damien Rice. Lamb reformed in 2009 and the duo released their fifth studio album 5 in 2011, and sixth album Backspace Unwind in 2014, both co-written and produced by Barlow.

In 2013 Barlow's debut solo album as LOWB,[3]Leap and the Net Will Appear was re-released on Distiller Records,[4] with additional tracks, new artwork plus the EP Inward Outburst. In May 2013 LOWB appeared live on BBC Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary show [5] and played a live band show at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Andy continued working as a producer in 2013, producing and co-writing the debut album Dismantle and Rebuild from critically acclaimed Bristol band The Ramona Flowers.[6] In 2014, he produced and mixed David Gray's album Mutineers, (released 30 June 2014). Gray likened working with Barlow as being given 'the keys to the city'.[7]

During 2014/15 Barlow was on a worldwide tour with Lamb for their latest album Backspace Unwind.

In 2015 Andy was reported to be working as a producer with the band U2.[8]


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