Andy Barlow (producer)

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Andy Barlow
Genres Electronic, trip hop
Occupation(s) Composer, musician, producer
Labels BMG / Skint Records, Distiller Records
Associated acts Lamb

Andy Barlow is a British music producer and musician best known for his work as a founding member of the band Lamb.[1]


Barlow first found fame as a member of the band Smoll Fat Child with ace lead guitarist Matt Goldberg.

Later in life, during a hiatus from a band called Lamb, Barlow released solo work as Hip Optimist and LOWB.[2][3]

His debut album as LOWB, Leap and the Net Will Appear, was re-released by Distiller Records with additional tracks, new artwork and the EP Inward Outburst in 2013.[4] LOWB performed live on BBC Radio 2's Dermot O'Leary show and at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.[5] [6]

Barlow has collaborated with and remixed other artists including Damien Rice, Elbow, and Placebo,[7]produced and co-wrote Dismantle and Rebuild with The Ramona Flowers,[8], produced and mixed David Gray's Mutineers[9] and produced five songs on U2's Songs of Experience.[10]


Hip Optimist

  • Anafey (BMG. Skint Records, 1996)


  • Leap and the Net Will Appear (Planet Imports, 2011/Distiller Records, 2013)



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