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Andy Bereza was born at Penley Hospital, Wales in 1949.[1] He has a younger brother and sister Stanislaw and sister Marysia.[2]


After moving to London in his early 20's to study a degree in electronics, he embarked on a notable career as an electronics engineer.[3] He built cutting edge audio mixers in partnership with Ivor Taylor for bands such as Pink Floyd, The Who and The Bee Gees. In 1969, he was obliged to recuscitate a loss-making company with the help of "old man Batiste" called Allen & Heath,[4] which to this day still specialises in the manufacture of audio mixing consoles.

In the early 70's, Andy Bereza formed a company called AB Audio.


Andy Bereza's audio engineering career peaked in 1979 with the creation of the Portastudio, finally developed by TASCAM. The Portastudio was a device which enabled artists, for the first time, to carry a "portable studio" around with them. Although today, with digital technology, portable recorders are almost ubiquitous; at the time, the Portastudio revolutionized how artists recorded music. It was the first device that had four inputs for microphones and a tape recorder to record four simultaneous tracks. This meant that musicians, for the first time, could record almost studio quality music whenever and wherever they liked.


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