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Andy Biskin (né Andrew Barry Biskin; born 1955 in San Antonio, Texas), is an American jazz clarinetist, bass clarinetist, composer, and filmmaker based primarily in New York City.

Career highlights[edit]

Biskin is a graduate of Yale University and once served as an assistant for Alan Lomax.[1] Biskin's music has often been played on NPR between segments on All Things Considered and Fresh Air with Terry Gross. In 2000, Biskin's album, Dogmental, was named album of the week in The New York Times by Ben Ratliff.[2]

In 2004, he animated and set to music a series of Rube Goldberg machines, including a "self-operating napkin", for his film Goldberg's Variations.[3][4]

Selected discography[edit]

As leader

Quintet recorded July 14 & 15, 1998 at Acoustic Recording LLC, Brooklyn
Quartet recorded June 17, 1996 at Hillside Sound Studio, Englewood, New Jersey
Andy Biskin Quintet (tracks 1–2, 4–5, 7–9, 11–2): Andy Biskin, clarinet; Ron Horton, trumpet; Bruce Eidem, trombone; Ben Allison, bass; Matt Wilson, drums
Quartet (tracks 3, 6, 10 and 13): Andy Biskin, clarinet; Bruce Eidem, trombone; Andy Eulau, bass; Bruce Hall, drums
Produced by Andy Biskin and Gunther Schuller[2]
Andy Biskin; Pete McCann; Christopher Washburne; John Hollenbeck; Stephen Collins Foster; Andy Biskin Quartet[5]
  • Trio Tragico by Andy Biskin (CD album), Strudelmedia (2006); OCLC 84743678
Recorded July 2005, Systems Two Recording, Brooklyn
Andy Biskin, clarinet & bass clarinet; Dave Ballou, trumpet; Drew Gress, bass
  • Act Necessary (CD album), Ibid (musical group), Strudelmedia (2014); OCLC 904291913
Ibid (Musical group): Andy Biskin, clarinet; Jeff Davis, drums and percussion; Brian Drye (de), trombone; Kirk Knuffke (de), cornet
All compositions by Biskin[6]


  • Barcelona in 48 Hours (CD album), from the film by the same name), Strudelmedia (2006); OCLC 60819787
Recorded June 2001, Good and Evil, Brooklyn
  • The Hobo Project (a radio play) (CD album), The Gone Tribe, Sky Diver Records (1995); OCLC 34890942
by Doug Morrow; Walter Sargent; Gone Tribe (Musical group)
  • Not So Fast (CD album), The Spokes (musical group), Strudelmedia SMCD-012
The Spokes; Andy Biskin, clarinet; Curtis Hasselbring (de), trombone; and Phillip Johnston, soprano saxophone
Videotaped in performance at Performance Space 122, New York City, December 2, 1990, by Character Generators/Video, cameraperson, Peter Richards
Music performed by Andy Biskin, clarinet; Edward Ratliff, cornet, trombone, and glockenspiel; and Malcolm Varon, accordion

Selected cinematography and videography[edit]

Produced and directed by Biskin


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