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Andy Blunden (born 11 October 1945) is an Australian writer and Marxist philosopher[1] based in Melbourne.


Blunden is a member and secretary of the Marxists Internet Archive Collective (or, a website which contains many Marxist and Marxist related text on history, philosophy and politics along with many other topics.[citation needed]

Another internet project Blunden is involved with is the "Marx Myths & Legends". This website hosts many articles of prominent Marxian scholars and activists dealing with misunderstandings and slander surrounding Marx and his ideas.[citation needed]

His published works cover topics from Hegel to post-structuralism to ethics and politics. Blunden is a self-described "Hegelian Marxist with a 'pragmatist twist' using Lev Vygotsky."[2]

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  • "Foreword" to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Hegel's Logic: Being Part One of the Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences. [1830] Marxists Internet Archive Publications, 2009.

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