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Andy Bumatai is a Hawaiian-based comedian and actor.

Bumatai began his career opening for popular Hawaiian comedian Frank De Lima and soon found himself replacing the late Rap Reiplinger in Booga Booga, Hawaii's seminal sketch comedy group. He went on to perform stand up comedy extensively on the mainland and in Hawaii.

Bumatai's film credits include The Whoopee Boys, A Man Called Sarge and Aloha Summer.

Bumatai recorded a number of comedy albums. His first won a Hoku award for "Most Promising Artist" and he went on to win three more for "Best Comedy Performance."

Bumatai also created a number of TV specials for Hawaii's KGMB-TV, notably High School Daze and All in the Ohana. He and his brother, Ray Bumatai also created a show titled BumaVision for Hawaii's OC16 network. Nationally, he was featured on Raven and has had roles on North Shore and Baywatch among others. Bumatai also co-starred in a 1997 pilot for a new Hawaii Five-O series,[1] which never made it to air.

Not coincidentally, Bumatai's character's name in Steven Cannell productions (Raven, Five-O, Marker) is always the same: Danny Kahala.

He is currently Executive Producer of Nighttime Productions, and produces and stars in his own Hawaiian-based online talk show, The Andy Bumatai Show.

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