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Andy Duncan
Andy Duncan near the market in 2005

Andy Scott Duncan (born 20 May 1975) is an American musician, best known for being a founding member of the Chicago band OK Go, playing lead guitar and keyboards.[1] He appears on their first two albums, the eponymous OK Go and its follow-up album Oh No. Since leaving the group, he has worked on numerous films and commercials as a sound designer and composer with directors Eric Lynne of Partizan Films, Grzegorz Jonkajtys of Industrial Light and Magic, Bastiaan Koch of Marauder Films, to name a few.

He was in a band from Chicago, Parks & Gardens, with Joshua R. Davison and Nathan T. Tucker (formerly of the band String Theory). He also played bass on the Frodus album Fireflies, released in 1995. After relocating to San Francisco to develop the Seahorse Liberation Army, Duncan produced for Sound Arts a studio in San Francisco started by SFAI students. He produced music with the Seahorse Liberation Army (SLA) and Echo Wild, and contributed many tracks to the Harpo Music Library of Opera.

Duncan was also the CFO to the California Art group and S-type corporation Play Play Play, Inc., a fine arts and licensing company in California, from 2010 to 2012, Developing material for an album on Play Play Play, Inc. for a band called Compact 86. He produced tracks inside the actress Cheryl Millers of Daktari's home for 28 days in 2010 with conceptual artist Erik Seidenglanz to develop Compact 86 still unreleased. Andy Duncan was the producer for Matt Fishbeck's "You made my dreams come true" 12-inch record, released on Fantasy Trash Can records. The studio recordings were set up for free with partner Erik Seidenglanz to be on Play Play play, Inc. licensing company however it never was released on Play Play Play, Inc officially though Andrew owns the copyright. Alternate versions from the Sound Art sessions exist.

Most recently he scored and sound designed the new media interactive iPad graphic novel CIA: Operation Ajax produced by Cognito Comics of San Francisco.

Duncan studied classical guitar and music theory at Northwestern University, and graduated with a degree in Academic Studies of Music in 1998.

Andy Duncan's father, Dr. Jim Duncan, is a Mechanical Engineering professor at the University of Maryland.[2]

Duncan now resides in Los Angeles, California.


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