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Graphic Novelist Andy Fish signs autographs for fans.

Andy Fish is a graphic novelist, comic book artist, illustrator, painter, and educator. He is known for his graphic novels and his series of books on how to illustrate in certain styles.[1]


Fish attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, doing undergraduate studies in Comic Art and Illustration. At the School of Visual Arts, Fish studied under Will Eisner, a pioneer of the graphic novel medium.[2] At the Rhode Island School of Design he did post-graduate studies in Illustration and Painting.[3]


"How to Draw" Series[edit]

Fish is the author and artist of several "how-to" illustration books published by Chartwell Books.[4] They include:

Graphic novels and comics[edit]

Fish is the author and artist of the following graphic novels and comics:

  • 2018- Blackwood, Dark Horse Comics
  • 2014- Geeks & Greeks, Relentless Goat Productions, ISBN 978-0996350440
  • 2012- Dracula's Army, McFarland Press ISBN 978-0786475827
  • 2011 - Dracula: The Dead Travel Fast, Robo Picto Books, ISBN 978-1-4507-2895-9
  • 2011 - Werewolves of Wisconsin, McFarland Press, ISBN 978-0786467983
  • 2007 - The Tragic Tale of Turkey Boy: An American Love Story, Under Cover Books
  • 2007 - Fly: A True Story Completely Made Up, Under Cover Books
  • 2004 - Requiem, 24 Pages in 24 Hours, Blue Monkey Comics
  • 2004 - Jerry Claus: The Return of Dark Santa, Blue Monkey Comics
  • 2000 - Adam Bomb vs. the Moon Menace, Blue Monkey Comics
  • 1999 - Adam Bomb, Blue Monkey Comics
  • 1997 - Cable, Marshall Comics


In February 2018 Dark Horse Comics announced that it would be publishing a new horror/comedy mini series written by Evan Dorkin and illustrated by the husband and wife team of Andy and Veronica Fish. [5]

Released on May 30, 2018, Blackwood was a critical success[6] which cited the contributions Andy made to make the book a success.

Reviewer Insha Fitzpatrick on wrote: "Andy Fish does all the silent back work for this comics, and it would be a shame if we don’t shout him out for it. He not only helps with color flats but also is an art assist and letterer to the comic. While everything he does for the comic is absolutely stellar, Fish’s lettering and layouts are absolute standouts.

Fish’s layouts are easy to follow. Every one always builds on top, and they have their own variation and unison to them that builds the story in a suspenseful way. I absolutely love experimental layout where panels are on top of panels and Fish does this amazingly. He provides a space where Veronica’s art can breathe freely, so you soak in every detail. He also does a massively incredible job with lettering this comic. Again, allowing you to follow easily, but gives tons of variations on the balloon placement and sound effects. This is one comic where the sound effects were absolutely effective and essential to be placed perfectly, and Fish nails it."''

Geeks & Greeks[edit]

Fish illustrated a graphic novel written by humorist Steve Altes about high-tech pranks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology titled Geeks & Greeks.[7][8] The story was inspired by actual MIT hacks and incidents Altes experienced as an MIT student and fraternity resident.[9] Geeks & Greeks (Relentless Goat Productions, Steve Altes (writer), Andy Fish (illustrator), Veronica Fish (colorist) ISBN 978-0-9963504-4-0) was published in 2016 to generally positive reviews.[10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21]

Film rights to Geeks & Greeks have been optioned to Whydah Productions.[19]


Fish has drawn the following comics:[22]

  • The Misadventures of Adam West: Vol. 5, Blue Water Productions
  • Bagman at the World's Fair, Airship 27
  • Crimson Mask, Airship 27
  • Queen of Escapes, Airship 27

Working on The Misadventures of Adam West was gratifying to Fish since he's always been a big fan of Adam West.[23]

In 2017 Fish launched a vintage Batman comic serial, which comics culture blog 13th Dimension called, "the best Batman comic never published by DC."[24][25]


The art of Andy Fish employs the use of vibrant colors.

Fish's style employs a pop sensibility and the use of vibrant, super-saturated colors.[7] Fish's work has been exhibited in the Aurora Gallery in Worcester, MA, the Chashama Gallery in Manhattan, the Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn, and galleries in Sydney, Australia.[2][26] One of his paintings is in the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.[27] Fish also participated in the 2008 Suckers and Biters Exhibit in Brooklyn.[28]


Fish is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Emerson College in Boston.[29] He has also taught at the Worcester Art Museum and the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.[3] Together with his wife fellow artist Veronica Fish, Andy lectures at schools and libraries on the subjects of writing, comics, manga, graphic novels. He also presents programs on how to develop a career as a professional artist.[30]


Fish has created illustrations for such corporate clients as Warner Bros, DC Comics, Nike, and Coca-Cola[31] and his comics have appeared in Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker and The Boston Globe.[2]


  • 2014 - Boys and Girls Club Lifetime Achievement Honors[32]
  • 2014 - Pulp Factory Award (nominated)[33]
  • 2012 - New England Newspaper Association Illustrator Award (nominated)[31]
  • 2005 - New England Newspaper Association Illustrator Award (nominated)[31]
  • 2005 - World Smile Celebration Illustration[31]
  • 2005 - INKY Award for best digital comic book[33]

Personal life[edit]

Fish lives in Worcester, MA with his wife and fellow artist Veronica Fish.[34] Andy and Veronica Fish also maintain a studio space in Nagoya, Japan.[3]


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