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Andy González (born January 1, 1951 in The Bronx, New York) is a New York City-based double bass player. González is a respected[1] and prolific jazz, Latin-jazz and salsa musician, composer and arranger of Puerto Rican ancestry. He is a long-time musical collaborator with brother Jerry González. They are the founding members of Conjunto Libre and Grupo Folklórico Y Experímental Nuevayorquíno, with whom he produced three LP recordings: Concepts in Unity (1975), Lo Dice Todo (1976) and Homenaje a Arsenio (2011). The band members were: Jerry and Andy González, Frankie Rodríguez, Milton Cardona, Gene Golden, Carlos Mestre, Nelson González, Manny Oquendo, Oscar Hernández, José Rodríguez, Nestor Torres, Gonzalo Fernández, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Willy García, Heny Álvarez, Virgilio Martí, Marcelino Guerra, Rubén Blades, Orlando "Puntilla" Ríos, and Julito Collazo on the first two releases.

Andy González has performed and recorded with many of the most important names on the Latin music scene, including The Fort Apache Group, Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, and Astor Piazzolla.


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