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Andy Hartzell is a cartoonist that lives in Oakland, California. In 1995, he was awarded a Xeric Grant to publish Bread & Circuses.[1] In June 2007, Hartzell published Fox Bunny Funny, which was reviewed favorably by the New York Times and the San Francisco Examiner.[2][3] He has been a designer for the game developer Telltale Games since January 2008.[4] Hartzell is also a co-founder of a minicomics distributing company called Global Hobo Distro.[5]


Hatzell's well known graphic novel, Fox Bunny Funny, is a tale about the forbidden desires, violence, and psychological distress within foxes and bunnies. This book was published by Top Shelf Productions in the summer of 2007.[5]


Hartzell's comics have appeared in a number of publications, including Boy Trouble and The Book of Boy Trouble.[5]


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