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Andy Heath is a British television puppeteer most noted for working as the head puppeteer for the BBC Three situation comedy Mongrels, where he controls the main character, Nelson the metrosexual fox.[1] He also puppeteered Hacker T. Dog in CBBC's Scoop, who is currently being performed by Phil Fletcher. He has also worked on TV show Fur TV and on the film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

He also was involved with the Gorillaz Demon Days: Live at the Manchester Opera House on 1–5 November 2005, as a PA for the puppets of Murdoc and 2D when they came out in the beginning of the show. The puppets of Murdoc and 2-D reappeared after the Main Set was over when the curtains fell after their choral outro, Demon Days, and they egged on the audience for an encore and the curtains then rose to an encore of Hong Kong and Latin Simone.


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