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Andrew Patrick Hodgson is primarily known as an auctioneer/presenter on the British television shopping channel bid tv.

Bid TV[edit]

Andy Hodgson could used to be seen presenting bid tv on Sunday between 3.00pm and 6.30pm, as well as being a stand-in presenter at other times of the week. He has presented on the channel since its inception in the year 2000.[1] He also provides the voice-over for the majority of their advertising,[2] as well as appearing in-vision for several of them.

His sales technique differs to the other styles of his fellow presenters, and he has been compared with fictional Norwich chat show host Alan Partridge.[3] He often jokes with the production staff and assistants whilst presenting. One such assistant is the unseen warehouse assistant called "Bob the Warehouse".

When phoning the channel to bid for an item, Hodgson's voice greets the bidder with a pre-recorded message detailing the item they are purchasing. Behind the scenes, he was also the Controller of Channels.

Andy announced that after a decade at the channel, he would be leaving.

Other television appearances[edit]

Hodgson provided a running commentary over an episode of The Day Today on the DVD of the series.[4] Writer and Alan Partridge co-creator Armando Iannucci (of The Friday Night Armistice fame) hired Andy to play a brutally murdered interior designer in his BBC Three show 2004: The Stupid Version[5] as well as a Home Shopping TV presenter in his 2006 BBC Two production Time Trumpet.[6] In 2003 he appeared on Channel 4 reality show The Salon to conduct a charity auction.[7]

Additionally, Hodgson has been seen in 2008 on ITV1's daytime programme This Morning as a gadget expert.[8]

In 2015 Hodgson was seen presenting a new gambling game show called wincashlive, set in the old studio.

In 2016 Hodgson appeared as a presenter on Create and Craft USA broadcasting across America. He also appeared on Channel 5 as a reporter for The Championship show, London Live as a football journo and FanTV with Justin Lee Collins.


Hodgson has been heard on BBC Five Live, Radio 4, Talksport, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio York, Century Radio,[9] Star FM and LBC.[2][10]

Personal life[edit]

Although born in Salford, Hodgson grew up in Burnley, Lancashire, and is an ardent supporter of Burnley FC.[11] He has hosted numerous events at the club's Turf Moor ground.[12][13][14]


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