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Andy Kane (born 25 October 1965 in South London), nicknamed "Handy Andy", is an English television personality best known for his work on the BBC's DIY programme Changing Rooms.[1]


Kane found fame on Changing Rooms, which ran on BBC TV 1996–2004 and was hosted by Carol Smillie and later Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, in which he appears as a talkative cockney builder who helps out with DIY jobs the contestants cannot handle. He later made three appearances on the U.S. version of the programme, Trading Spaces. He has presented three programmes for UK StyleRoom Rivals, Garden Rivals and Streetcombers – the first two of which were broadcast in the United States on the BBC America cable network. He has also appeared in the LIVINGtv reality show I'm Famous and Frightened!, the Sky One show Cirque de Celebrité, as well as making a guest appearance on a sketch on The Adam and Joe Show.

In March 2006, BBC America began telecasting Kane's latest effort, Increase Your House Price By Ten Grand, a home makeover programme in which he heads a team of four who are given 3 days and £1,000 to improve a sale property with the intent of increasing its value by £10,000. In 2008 he can be seen presenting BBC Primary Geography programmes.

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  • Ty Pennington, equivalent on Trading Spaces, the US derivative of Changing Rooms


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