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Joel Andrew Magoffin, best known as Andy Magoffin, is a Canadian musician and record producer. He is the songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the indie rock band Two-Minute Miracles[1] and the touring bass guitarist for Raised by Swans.[2][3]

His extensive record-producing credits have led Now magazine to dub him "the Timbaland of southern Ontario alt-country";[4] he has produced albums for artists including Great Lake Swimmers, The Hidden Cameras,[5] The Constantines,[6] By Divine Right,[7] Royal City,[8] The Priddle Concern, Detective Kalita,[9] The Weekend,[7] The Burning Hell, The Patients,[6] The Parkas,[10] Panic Coast,[11] The Randals [12] and Jim Guthrie.

His studio in Cambridge, Ontario is called the House of Miracles. He is often credited on albums as "J. Andrew Magoffin".


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