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Not to be confused with Andy Panda.
Andy Pandy
From the 1952 Andy Pandy opening titles. The blocks turned to reveal the title one letter at a time.
Created by Freda Lingstrom
Starring 1950
Maria Bird
1970 ?
Gladys Whitred
Tom Conti
No. of series 6
Producer(s) David Boisseau
Peter Thompson
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC Television Service 1950-1957, 1970
CBeebies 2002-2009
Original release 1950 - 1957,
5 January 1970 - ? 1970,
28 March 2002 - 1 December 2009

Andy Pandy is a British children's television series that premiered on BBC TV in summer 1950. Originally live, a series of 13 filmed programmes was shown in 1970, when a new series was made. A third series was made in 2002. The show was the basis for a comic strip of the same name in the children's magazine Robin.

Original 1950 version[edit]

The original version of Andy Pandy premiered on BBC TV in 1950, on either 11 July[1][2] or 20 June,[3] as part of the For the Children strand (later Watch with Mother) narrated by Vera McKechnie. Initially the programmes were transmitted live, but it was realised that if the programmes were filmed, they could be repeated. Twenty-six episodes of fifteen minutes duration were filmed on 16mm,[3] and were produced around 1952; they were repeated continuously until 1970. This version had narration by Maria Bird. In one episode Andy Pandy sees how high he can go on a swing, an episode featured in the 1987 compilation by BBC Video. Under the umbrella title Watch With Mother as well as the Andy Pandy episodes, there were also The Woodentops, 'Bill and Ben', all having a similar format-filmed marionettes, there was also an animated drawn character called 'Busy Lizzy' incorporated into the Picture book series. All the filmed black and white 1950s original transmissions were narrated by Bird, who was to become a co-producer, with Freda Lingstrom, who worked for the BBC. Bird was a prolific writer of books for the very young, notably Andy Pandy, but it was for her distinct 'BBC English' enunciation that she is best remembered.

A marionette who lived in a picnic basket, Andy was later joined by Teddy, a teddy bear, and Looby Loo, a rag doll, who would appear when Andy and Teddy weren't around. Looby Loo had her own special song "Here we go Looby Loo".[4] All three lived in the same picnic basket. Each episode ended with a variation on the song: "Time to go home, Time to go home, Andy is waving goodbye."[5]

It is claimed that the design for the character was based on Paul Atterbury, the then young son of puppeteer Audrey Atterbury.[2] A comic-strip version was published in The Robin.

The production staff for the original series were:

The 26 episodes were

1. Tea Party (20 June 1950)

2. Presents (27 June 1950)

3. Music (4 July 1950)

4. Hand Bells (11 July 1950)

5. ABC (18 July 1950)

6. Bricks (25 July 1950)

7. Playing School (1 August 1950)

8. Play Shops (8 August 1950)

9. Leaning House (15 August 1950)

10. Pram (22 August 1950)

11. Farm (29 August 1950)

12. Garden (5 September 1950)

13. Wall and Tortoise (12 September 1950)

14. Turtles (19 September 1950)

15. Boats (26 September 1950)

16. Paddling Pool (3 October 1950)

17. Horse and Fish (10 October 1950)

18. Bird and Butterfly (17 October 1950)

19. Rabbits (24 October 1950)

20. Kittens (31 October 1950)

21. Kings and Queens (7 November 1950)

22. Jack in the Box (14 November 1950)

23. The Cart (21 November 1950)

24. ???? (28 November 1950)

25. ???? (5 December 1950)

26. ???? (12 December 1950)

1970 series[edit]

By 1970, the black and white films were almost worn out, and as BBC 1 was by then transmitted in colour, 13 new episodes were produced and shown from 5 January 1970.[7][8]

the 13 Episodes of the 1970 series are

1. Andy Pandy's House (5 January 1970)

2. Hobby Horses (12 January 1970)

3. Scooters (19 January 1970)

4. Trampoline (26 January 1970)

5. Jack-In-A-Box (2 February 1970)

6. A Wall And A Hedgehog (9 February 1970)

7. Cleaning The House (16 February 1970)

8. Tricycle (23 February 1970)

9. Looby Loo Has A Cold (2 March 1970)

10. The Jeep (9 March 1970)

11. Tea Party (16 March 1970)

12. Red Engine (23 March 1970)

13. Sailing Boats (30 March 1970)

2002 series[edit]

Stop motion set on display at the National Media Museum, with Andy Pandy and Looby Loo

Another set of 52 episodes was made in 2002, using the stop-motion technique instead of string puppeteering. The original nursery and garden were expanded to an entire village, with Andy, Teddy and Looby Loo now owning individual houses, and four new characters were introduced: Missy Hissy, a snake, Tiffo, a dog, Bilbo, a sailor, and Orbie, a yellow-and-blue ball. Whereas the emphasis of the original series was on music and movement, the emphasis of the 2002 series was on making and doing.

Andy Pandy is a boy with blue and white striped pyjamas and hat and is voiced by Maria Darling. Teddy, Andy's friend, is voiced by Jimmy Hibbert. Looby Loo is voiced by Teresa Gallagher. Bilbo is a sailor, voiced by David Holt. Orbie is a type of yellow-and-blue ball, voiced by Maria Darling.

Here are the episodes and songs in order. The numbers means it's an episode and the word 'song' means it's a song.

Series 1 (Early 2002)

1. Hide and Seek - Teddy gets lost during a game of hide and seek. 03/01/2002

SONG: Hopscotch

2. The Balloon - Andy Pandy's balloon keeps getting blown away. 10/01/2002

3. The Puddle - Andy Pandy and Looby Loo make a boat and sail it on a puddle of rain water. 17/01/2002

SONG: Honey

4. The Picnic - There is great excitement in the garden when Looby Loo plans a picnic. 24/01/2002

5. The Man From The Moon - Teddy gets stuck in a cardboard box and Andy Pandy mistakes him for a visitor from the moon. 31/01/2002

SONG: Musical Chairs

6. Andy Pandy's Band - Andy Pandy makes musical instruments out of odds and ends, so that Looby Loo can dance away. 07/02/2002

7. Tiffo and his Stick - Looby Loo and friends decide to spring clean their houses. But Teddy doesn't want to. 14/02/2002

SONG: Painting

8. A Lick Of Paint - Teddy tramples on Looby Loo's new flowers, so he makes some decoy flowers. 21/02/2002

9. A Flying Feather - Andy Pandy has a pretty present for Looby Loo, but it keeps blowing away. 28/02/2002

SONG: Boxes

10. Puppeteer Pandy - Looby Loo makes a puppet from one of Andy Pandy's old socks, but Teddy loses it. 07/03/2002

11. The Birthday Cake - Andy Pandy thinks it is Looby Loo's birthday, so he tries to make an ice cream cake. 14/03/2002

SONG: Gardening

12. A String in the Tale - While Andy Pandy is wrapping a parcel, he loses his grip on a ball of string. 21/03/2002

13. Andy Pandy's Musical Box - Andy Pandy finds a musical box and Looby Loo teaches everyone how to dance. 28/03/2002

SONG: Looby Loo

14. The Big Spring Clean - Andy Pandy and Teddy help Looby Loo with the spring cleaning. 04/04/2002

15. The Bubble - Andy Pandy blows a bubble which follows him everywhere. 11/04/2002

SONG: Playground

16. Teddy Gets The Wind Up - Teddy is helping Looby Loo put out the washing when a sheet blows away. 18/04/2002

17. A Noisy Supper - Andy Pandy and Looby Loo invite their friends to a very odd meal. 25/04/2002

SONG: Tickle

18. Potato Prints - Andy Pandy brightens up Missy Hissy's pipes with potatoes. 02/05/2002

19. Teddy's Sunglasses - One really hot afternoon, Teddy tries to make a pair of sunglasses. 09/05/2002

SONG: Camping

20. Growing Pains - Andy shows Teddy how to make cress shapes and teaches his friend a lesson in patience. 16/05/2002

21. The Nest - The gang try to hatch three strange eggs they find in a nest. 23/05/2002

SONG: Coming to Play

22. The Box That Chimed - Andy Pandy hears the sound of chiming but can't work out how the noise is made. 30/05/2002

23. A Model Bear - After Tiffo destroys Teddy's plasticine mouse model, Andy Pandy makes more modelling clay. 06/06/2002

SONG: Picnic

24. Hubble Bubble - While helping Looby Loo with the washing-up, Teddy discovers the joys of blowing bubbles. 13/06/2002

25. Bell Ringers - Teddy makes a racket when he takes Andy Pandy's hand bell. 20/06/2002

SONG: Tiffo

26. Rub-A-Dub - Andy Pandy shows Teddy how to make wax rubbings when Teddy's painting goes rather wrong. 27/06/2002

Series 2 (Late 2002)

1. Quick on the Straw - Teddy uses a drinking straw to annoy Looby Loo, so Andy shows him a useful way to use them. 04/07/2002

SONG: Say Hello

2. The Tent - It's been a hot night, so Andy Pandy and Teddy make a tent so they can sleep outside. 11/07/2002

3. Chocolate Eggstravaganza - Andy and Looby make chocolate eggs, then Teddy goes on an egg hunt and drops litter. 18/07/2002

SONG: Skittles

4. The Big Sneeze - Andy Pandy has caught a nasty cold and can't stop sneezing, but his friends help him feel better. 25/07/2002

5. Beetle Mania - When Teddy is scared by a beetle, Andy Pandy helps him gets over his fear by making beetle masks. 01/08/2002

SONG: Peek-A-Boo

6. The Noisy Ball - Andy Pandy and Teddy find an unusual whose small, cute, yellow and spotty. 08/08/2002

7. Easy Beady - When Teddy breaks Looby Loo's daisy chain, Andy shows him how to make colourful bead necklace. 15/08/2002

SONG: Andy's Cupboard

8. Andy Pandy's Odd Ink - Andy draws a picture with his new ink, and is amazed when his work vanishes from the page. 22/08/2002

9. Teddy's Long - Legs - Tiffo's favourite stick gets stuck in the tree, so Andy and Teddy make a pair of stilts. 29/08/2002

SONG: Playing With Tiffo

10. The Three Bears - Teddy is frightened when he thinks he sees another bear trying to scare him away. 05/09/2002

11. Scaredy Bear - When Andy Pandy and Looby Loo make a scarecrow, they don't except it to scare Teddy - but it does! 12/09/2002

SONG: Racing

12. The Missing Whistle - Teddy has been given a penny whistle as a present, but Tiffo thinks it's a long thin bone. 19/09/2002

13. A Tale of Two Spoons - Teddy is making a nuisance of himself with two wooden spoons. 26/09/2002

SONG: Dressing Up

14. Tiffo Gets A Car - When Tiffo's paw gets stung by a wasp, so everyone makes a car for him. 03/10/2002

15. Blowing In The Wind - When Bilbo finds a box of bolts, Andy uses them to make a musical wind chime. 10/10/2002

SONG: Mud Pies

16. The Old Sea Chest - When Andy finds that Bilbo's old sea-chest is full of sand, he makes his own beach. 17/10/2002

17. Cereal Number - When Teddy spills some cereal, Andy Pandy shows him how to make a collage with it. 24/10/2002

SONG: Kites

18. Birdsong - Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo want to hear the dawn chorus, but they find it hard to wake up on time. 31/10/2002

19. Get Your Skates On - Teddy gets a present of a pair of roller skates, so he challenges Andy and Looby to a race. 07/11/2002

SONG: Keeping Fit

20. Cheer up Andy - When Andy Pandy peels a large onion, he and his friends cannot stop crying. 14/11/2002

21. Orbie's Game - Orbie is sad because, being a ball, he can't join with his friends' games. 21/11/2002

SONG: Pass the Parcel

22. Hiccups - Andy Pandy is having trouble giving Looby Loo a secret present when Teddy has hiccups. 28/11/2002

23. Teddy's Treasure Hunt - Andy Pandy devises a treasure hunt to keep Teddy amused. 05/12/2002

SONG: Let's Have A Party

24. A Puzzle for Andy Pandy - Andy Pandy and Looby Loo make a picture out of a jigsaw puzzle. 12/12/2002

25. Under the Spreading Newspaper Tree - Teddy gets impatient waiting for his avocado plant to grow. 19/12/2002

SONG: Making A Noise

26. Market Day - Bilbo inspires Andy Pandy, Teddy and Looby Loo to set up their own market stalls. 26/12/2002

UK VHS Releases[edit]

VHS Title Release Date Episodes
Andy Pandy (BBCV 4205) 7 November 1988 Red Engine, Sailing Boats, Trampoline, Hobby Horses
Andy Pandy 2: Tales from the Toybox (BBCV 4361) 4 June 1990 Jack in a Box, Looby Loo has a Cold, Tea Party, Tricycle
The Very Best of Andy Pandy (BBCV 5107) 6 September 1993 Trampoline, Jack in a Box, Red Engine, Tea Party, Hobby Horses
Andy Pandy: Meet Andy Pandy and his Friends (BBCV 7341) 30 September 2002 The Balloon, The Man From The Moon, A Flying Feather, The Bubble, Teddy Gets The Wind Up, The Box That Chimed, A String in the Tale, Andy Pandy's Band, A Noisy Supper, The Birthday Cake
Andy Pandy: Charming Stories (BBCV 7399) 21 April 2003 Hide and Seek, Tiffo and his Stick, A Lick of Paint, Puppeteer Pandy, Andy Pandy's Musical Box, The Big Spring Clean, Teddy's Sunglasses, The Nest, Hubble Bubble, Bell Ringers


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