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Andy Rowley is a British television producer known for his children's dramas, including Jeopardy, which won a BAFTA Award for best children's drama in 2002,[1] and Microsoap, Prix Jeunesse [2] winner and BAFTA best children's drama award winner in 1999.[3] Andy was a BBC Production Manager (notably on Lovejoy [4] )who went on to produce the last TV script written by Malcolm Bradbury, "Foreign Bodies" for Dalziel and Pascoe and many memorable TV dramas including Loved Up, Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, Uncle Max, I Was a Rat, and Scene, as well being a UK Producer on the French Feature Film L'Isle Aux Tresors.[5][6] Andy has worked with some of the UK's best directing and acting talent, including : Michael Winterbottom, Peter Howitt, Brenda Fricker, Adrian Lester, Sean Maguire,[7] Jonathan Pryce, Bill Paterson and Aaron Johnson [8] and is known for his script development, budgeting skills, and work on international coproductions,[9] as well as comedy,[10] and long form family dramas. He has also written and directed short films . Andy was born in Preston, Lancashire (28-12-59), educated at Marple Grammar School in Stockport, Bangor University and Manchester University; He is married to theatrical agent Elinor Hilton.


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