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Photo of Andy Smallman taken in July, 2013.

Andy Smallman (Andrew William Smallman; born 24 May 1963) is the founding director of Puget Sound Community School in Seattle, Wash.[1] PSCS is an independent school in the Seattle Chinatown-International District for students in grades 6-12. Andy, along with his wife Melinda Shaw, started the school in 1994.

Andy's online class "The Practice of Kindness" drew national media interest in 2009.[2] It was named "Idea of the Day" from former White House speechwriter and bestselling author Daniel H. Pink.[3] To expand on the interest in these classes, in 2011 Andy and Melinda launched the Kind Living Network,[4] a venture around the theme of kindness. Kind Living currently offers classes, a blog,[5] a newsletter, and a website.

Smallman was a speaker at "Bloom Seattle,"[6] at the 2010 Guiding Lights Weekend, and a featured panelist on the subject of compassion at a Compassionate Action Network event[citation needed]. The July/August 2010 issue of Ode Magazine included a feature of Andy and his kindness classes. Since 2012, Andy has been involved in the Compassion Games,[7] creating the Secret Agent of Compassion game [8] in 2013.

Andy and Melinda have two daughters, Chloe (born 1993) and Ella (born 1996).


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