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Andy Spade
Andrew Spade

1962/1963 (age 55–56)[1]
Known forCo-founder of Partners & Spade
Co-founder of Kate Spade New York
Founder of Jack Spade
Kate Spade
(m. 1994; died 2018)
RelativesDavid Spade (brother)

Andrew Spade is an American entrepreneur. He founded the fashion brand Kate Spade New York with his wife, Kate Spade, as well the design company Partners & Spade.

Early life and family[edit]

Spade was born in Michigan, the middle child in a family of three brothers. His family moved to Arizona when he was nine. He attended Arizona State University, where he met his future wife Kate Brosnahan. During college, he and a friend founded the advertising firm Spade & Hannawell, which was named one of Arizona's Top 10 New Companies in 1987.[2][3]

Spade was married to designer Kate Spade from 1994 until her death on June 5, 2018.[4] They had one child, Frances Beatrix Spade, born in February 2005.[5] The actress Rachel Brosnahan is Spade's niece.[6] He is the brother of actor/comedian David Spade.[1] The couple had been living apart for 10 months at the time of Kate's death.[7]


Spade started his career in advertising working on brands including Coca-Cola, Lexus, and Paul Stuart[citation needed] before leaving his job in 1996 to join his wife's business.[8]


In 1993, he and his wife founded the fashion and lifestyle brand Kate Spade New York and in 1999, the men's brand Jack Spade.[9][2][8] Under his leadership, 26 Kate Spade stores were opened in North America and Japan.

In 2008, he established Partners & Spade, a storefront and studio on Lafayette Street in the NoHo neighborhood of lower Manhattan.

In 2013, he launched a collection of loungewear, Sleepy Jones, with Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri.[10]

Other endeavors[edit]

Along with launching Partners & Spade, he produced feature films with Red Bucket Films and is conceiving and publishing books through HarperCollins.

Kate Spade's suicide[edit]

On June 5, 2018; Spade’s spouse Kate was found deceased in her New York apartment by one of her housekeepers. Her manner of death was ruled a suicide due to her years of depression and anxiety.

Kate and Andy were still married but had been living separately at the time. Their 13-year-old daughter Bea split time living with both. Following the suicide, Andy released a statement to the press indicating that Kate was seeking help and had been on medications for her mental illnesses for many years. Later it was revealed by People Magazine that Andy had been apartment hunting for over a year and was days away from signing a $3 million purchase. Immediately after Andy told Kate he wanted a divorce, Kate committed suicide.


He was named one of 100 creative business people of 2009 by Fast Company.[11][12][3]

He was honored by the CFDA for excellence in design.[citation needed]


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