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Andy Sugden
Andy Sugden.jpg
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Kelvin Fletcher
Duration 1996–2016
First appearance 4 July 1996
Last appearance 16 August 2016
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Former; regular
Other names Andy Hopwood
Occupation Farmer

Andrew "Andy" Sugden (also Hopwood) is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Kelvin Fletcher. He made his first on-screen appearance on 4 July 1996. Andy is the son of Billy (David Crellin) and Trisha Hopwood, and the half-brother of Daz Eden (Luke Tittensor). However, the character was adopted by Jack (Clive Hornby) and Sarah Sugden (Alyson Spiro), and became the adoptive brother of Robert (Christopher Smith/Karl Davies/Ryan Hawley) and Victoria Sugden (Jessica Haywood/Hannah Midgley/Isabel Hodgins).

On 16 August 2016, Fletcher confirmed that he would be leaving the show during the episode airing that night ending 20 years on Emmerdale. His departure storyline showed Andy going on the run after being framed by his girlfriend Chrissie White (Louise Marwood) for the attempted murder of her adoptive father Lawrence White (John Bowe). Following his exit, it was hinted that Fletcher could return to the show.[1]


Andy arrives in Emmerdale and is fostered by Jack (Clive Hornby) and Sarah Sugden (Alyson Spiro), but finds it difficult to settle with the Sugden family. While on-site at a quarry, his foot lodges on a rock and gets trapped, forcing Jack to rescue him. When his father, Billy Hopwood (David Crellin), visits Emmerdale, Andy is persuaded to move into a caravan with him and disown the Sugdens. Billy breaks his promise to change and returns to committing petty crime such as stealing and robs the local post office, resulting in Vic Windsor's (Alun Lewis) death. Billy is arrested and Andy moves back in with the Sugdens.

Andy is concerned when Jack and Sarah begin arguing over the farm. She is annoyed with Jack as he keeps Andy and Robert Sugden (Christopher Smith) off school to work on the farm. They soon discover that Sarah is having an affair with Richie Carter (Glenn Lamont) and the family breaks up. After a court case, Jack is awarded custody of Robert while Sarah is awarded custody of Victoria (Hannah Midgley). Andy decides to stay with Jack. When the farm faces financial ruin, Andy decides to set fire to the barn for the insurance payout. However, Sarah and Richie are in the barn, resulting in her death. Richie blames Jack for the fire, but withdraws his statement to protect Andy.

Andy begins dating Katie Addyman (Sammy Winward). Andy goes to a nightclub with Eve Birch (Raine Davison), Marc Reynolds (Anthony Lewis), Ollie Reynolds (Vicky Binns), Donna Windsor (Verity Rushworth), Robert (now Karl Davies) and Katie. When they miss the bus, they steal a car and accidentally kill their headteacher Barbara Strickland (Alex Hall). They attempt to cover up their crime and burn the car. After living with guilt, the group confess and everyone apart from Marc (who was driving) are given community service. Katie's father Brian (Martin Reeve) disapproves of Andy and attempts to split them up. They decide to have a baby to change his mind, but when Brian learns that Katie is pregnant, he sends her to live with her mother. She returns and moves in with Andy, but has a miscarriage. Despite this, she and Andy decide to get married and start planning their wedding. Katie, however, feels neglected by Andy working long hours and turns to Robert when he promises her excitement. They begin an affair, but are caught by Andy's half-brother Daz and Andy and Robert's younger sister Victoria. Daz tells Andy about Katie and Robert, but Andy refuses to him and puts him into care. When their marriage fails, Katie and Robert admit their affair. Andy tries to shoot Robert, but Jack gets shot instead. He disowns Andy, but the pair eventually reconcile.

Andy invites Daz, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Debbie (Charley Webb) to move in, needing the rent money. Debbie is attracted to Andy and looses her virginity to him. They start dating secretly, but when her family find out, Cain ends the relationship by threatening Andy that he will lead Daz into criminal activities unless he leaves Debbie alone. Andy dates Libby Charles (Ty Glaser), but ends their romance when he discovers that Debbie has had his baby. He reconciles with Debbie but later break up, agreeing to keep in contact. Debbie decides to give Sarah to Emily Kirk (Kate McGregor), upsetting Andy. However, things get worst when Katie discover that he and Debbie slept together, that caused Debbie's pregnancy with Sarah, she angry at both of them, and nearly divorce with him. She later got involved in a car accident, Andy is there for her, and break up with Debbie to be with her. They soon resume their relationship, annoying the Sugdens, but Andy later has an affair with Jo Stiles (Roxanne Pallett). Andy realises that he was using Jo to get revenge for Katie and Robert's affair but Jo manipulates Andy into continuing the affair. Emily returns Sarah to Andy and he tries to keep this a secret. When Debbie discovers her presence, she gives Andy custody and refuses to see her.

Katie struggles to look after Sarah and start a stable business. Meanwhile, Andy sees Jo is better with Sarah and restarts their affair. Andy is about to tell Katie when she announces that she could be pregnant, which soon becomes clear is a false alarm. Andy tells her about his and Jo's affair. Katie throws them out but they soon return as Andy is the leaseholder so Katie moves out instead and moves her business to Home Farm. Before Katie leaves, she wishes Jo luck, telling her she will need it. Andy and Katie subsequently divorce.

Victoria (now played by Isabel Hodgins) begins looking for answers to the cause of Sarah Sr's death. She tracks down Richie who tells her to ask Jack. In an attempt to force a confession, she douses the furniture in petrol and demands the truth, Andy confesses but a fire soon ignites. Following Andy's confession, he is sentenced to three years imprisonment in January 2008 after confessing to manslaughter. Andy and Jo marry on 19 February 2008 in prison. Jack, Victoria, Daz, Ashley and Laurel are their guests and Ashley presides over the service. During Andy's incarceration, Debbie gets closer to Sarah and changes her mind about Jo adopting her. When Andy is released, he is not pleased to find that things have changed. His mood worsens when he discovers that Debbie has been allowed access and begins lashing out at Jo, giving her a black eye in one instance. The abuse continues for months and culminates in Andy getting seriously injured during a confrontation in a barn. Andy's family do not believe Jo initially but when Daz and Victoria see for themselves, they are shocked. After a suicide threat, Diane intervenes and arranges for Andy to get psychiatric treatment. Jo eventually leaves after Lee Naylor (Lewis Linford) helps her sell the farm equipment to fund her escape.

Jack dies and leaves a letter for Diane to read at his funeral, in which he requests that Andy become the head of the family. Andy refuses at first but agrees after he sees Robert watching from a distance. When Robert sees Andy, he tells him that there was nothing for him in Emmerdale and leaves again.

Following Debbie's release from prison for allegedly murdering Shane Doyle, she requests more access to Sarah which Andy is unhappy about. Debbie warns him that she will not give up without a fight. During this time, Andy begins dating Maisie Wylde (Alice Coulthard), much to her family's chagrin. The hearing approaches and after realizing he cannot win, he withdraws his application for custody and Sarah goes to live with Debbie, which he takes very hard. Andy then suffers a breakdown, letting the farm slide and is diagnosed with clinical depression. As time passes and he recovers, Andy works on rebuilding bridges with others in the village. He resumes work as a farmhand for the Barton family who take over the tenancy at Butlers and begins a relationship with Adele Allfrey (Tanya Vital) but this breaks down when Andy's temper and jealousy get the best of him and Adele tires of this and eventually leaves the village. Andy tries several times to reconcile with Katie and they sleep together on one occasion but Katie tells him it was a mistake and they should remain friends. Andy reluctantly agrees but gets jealous when Katie starts dating police officer Nick Henshall and is later accused of starting the fire that kills Viv and Terry Woods (Billy Hartman). It is later revealed Nick Henshall (Michael McKell) started the fire to tried and frame Andy, who has form for Arson. Henshall is arrested after kidnapping Katie and holds her hostage when the truth comes out. Katie escapes when Henshall kills himself.

Sarah becomes ill and is diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia, a genetic disorder which could kill her without treatment. Debbie and Andy then start looking for donors and find one but they pull out at the last moment. It is suggested to them that another baby or 'Saviour Sibling' could save their sick child. They apply for IVF but are turned down when the hospital learn that they are not a genuine couple as they need to be to qualify for funding for IVF. Debbie then suggests they try artificial insemination despite their partners Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) and Alicia Gallagher (Natalie Anderson) being unhappy with this situation, they choose to go ahead regardless but are unsuccessful, despite trying repeatedly. Debbie believes the only way to conceive is for them to sleep together. Andy is unsure at first but eventually agrees, angering their other halves even further, resulting in Alicia leaving Andy but Cameron still supports Debbie. They plan to sleep together but Debbie can't do it and walks out, leaving Andy humiliated. Desperate to save her daughter, Debbie gets Andy to meet her at a hotel and apologizes for her previous actions and seduces him, telling him it is just about them and that she wants him. After sleeping together, Debbie doesn't tell Cameron and Andy is confused by his feelings for Debbie. He gets jealous of Cameron and turns up at Tug Ghyll at any given chance to see Debbie. Debbie discovers she is pregnant and Andy is delighted, while Cameron feels left out but believes the baby was a result of artificial insemination. Cameron becomes angry that Andy is always there and won't leave Debbie alone, he then warns Andy to stay away.

When John dies in a car accident after skidding on ice in Andy's Land Rover, Andy is guilt ridden after he finds out and thinks his car was the cause of the accident. John's widow, Moira (Natalie J. Robb), assures him it was icy and that he is not to blame. Andy breaks down and tells Moira he feels like he has lost a brother after he and Moira talk about his and the Bartons' first meeting on the farm. Debbie tries to console Andy and, much to her surprise, he confesses his love for her but she breaks his heart by telling him that she loves Cameron. After Cameron warns Andy off, Andy reveals in a rage the baby was conceived naturally, not artificially. Following tests, Andy and Debbie discover the child is a match and they are delighted. Andy finds himself close to Katie again when he gives her advice after she leaves her husband, Declan Macey (Jason Merrells). This leads to Declan and Andy fighting in The Woolpack. When Katie returns to fight for her marriage only a week later, Andy welcomes her back but warns Declan to start treating her the way she deserves.

Andy takes in Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) after her daughter Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny) throws her out. He confides in Kerry about his past and they bond over what they've been through. She cooks dinner for Andy and he tells her to stay another night as they kiss. Debbie goes into labour in October and gives birth to a boy and they name him Jack after Andy's late adoptive father. Andy and Amy share a kiss and Amy eventually tells Kerry. After a heated argument with Amy and her foster mother Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick), Kerry slaps Amy, shocking Andy. Andy's relationship with Kerry comes to an end after Sarah and Jack are left in danger when Kerry gets drunk and drops a cigarette, starting a fire. Desperate to win Andy back, Kerry tells him she is pregnant but after a hit and run incident with Adam Barton and Robbie Macey, she tells Andy that she was never pregnant but that she loves him. Angry at her behaviour, he rejects her and dates Amy for a while. However, that ends after she kidnaps the son she gave up for adoption and plans to leave the country with him. Eric, Val and Cain catch up with Amy and she is persuaded to return Kyle to his grandmother but chooses to stay on the ferry, fearing criminal prosecution. Val blames Andy for not being able to make Amy stay in the village.

In 2014, Andy starts a romantic relationship with his step-sister, Bernice Thomas (Samantha Giles) after helping her out setting up her beauty salon. They share a kiss and have sex. They begin to date and initially keep their romance a secret. At the opening night of Bernice's beauty salon, Bernice's dad, Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower) along with Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler), Kerry Wyatt and Dan Spencer arrive at the salon and catch Andy and Bernice kissing. Later in 2014, Andy suffers an accident to his arm while working at Butlers Farm which is caused by Adam Barton (Adam Thomas). Andy and Adam have a feud over the incident and over Andy's compensation money. Bernice does her best to support Andy through this. His ex-wife, Katie Sugden (Sammy Winward) accompanies Andy to a hospital appointment. When they arrive back from the hospital, Andy kisses Katie which Bernice witnesses from her window. Bernice is devastated and Andy later ends the relationship and reunites with Katie. Bernice returns a few weeks later after going to Australia, determined to win Andy back. Andy announces that he and Katie are back together and Andy's daughter, Sarah is pleased at their reunion. On Katie's birthday, Andy proposes to Katie which she accepts and they begin planning to remarry. In October 2014, Andy's adoptive brother and Katie's ex-boyfriend, whom Katie had an affair with during her previous marriage to Andy, Robert Sugden (now Ryan Hawley) returns to the village with his fiancée, Chrissie White (Louise Marwood), future father-in-law Lawrence White (John Bowe) and future stepson, Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson). Katie disapproves of Robert's return and so does Andy as he hasn't forgiven him for the affair. Katie and Robert become embroiled in a feud with Robert trying to sabotage the wedding. They plan a Christmas wedding and eventually remarry on 25 December 2014. Andy's second marriage to Katie hits the rocks due to Katie's continual feud with Robert. Andy and Katie plan to buy Wylies Farm and restore it. Robert tries to sabotage the sale as his future father-in-law, Lawrence White owns the farm. Robert later sets fire to Katie and Andy's caravan which they are living in while the work gets done, in an act of revenge against Katie. Katie is also convinced that Robert is cheating on Chrissie with another woman. Robert cottons on to this and tries to lead Katie on by pretending it is Alicia. Katie confronts Robert over his "other woman" on numerous occasions in The Woolpack, which Robert denies.

In February 2015, Katie dies after finally discovering that Robert had been having an affair with a man, Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller). Robert does not want Chrissie to find out so he pushes Katie and she falls through rotting floorboards, breaking her neck and killing her. Andy is devastated by Katie's death and begins to spiral in to depression and tries to commit suicide. Robert comforts Andy and lets him move into Home Farm. While trying to move on from Katie, Andy begins a sexual relationship with Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh), and also makes a move on ex-girlfriend, Bernice. He later ends his relationship with Tracey after realizing that the relationship isn't right, and eventually gets back on the straight and narrow. A few months later, Andy discovers one of Katie's phone bills. He checks it and realizes that the last number to call Katie was Aaron. He confronts Aaron and he finally admits that he has been having an affair with Robert and that Robert murdered Katie. Andy is furious and tries to convince everyone that Robert murdered her. Nobody believes Andy, and everyone believes that he is having a breakdown. He also phones the police but Robert denies everything and is released. Andy goes up to Butler's Farm to get hold of a gun. When he cannot find a gun he is angry. While trying to find the gun, Ross Barton (Michael Parr) walks in and asks Andy what's wrong. Andy admits that he is looking for a gun to go and shoot Robert as he murdered Katie. Ross reveals that he was also going to shoot his own brother Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan) as he had left him for dead following a fight over Ross' affair with Debbie. Andy and Ross eventually go to Ross' house where they agree to shoot each other's brother therefore giving them an alibi with no evidence that either of them was involved in either of the shootings. Later that night, Ross shoots Robert on Andy's behalf, although he survives and Andy backs out of the plan to kill Pete.

Andy has a one-night stand with ex-girlfriend Bernice the night before her marriage to Lawrence, his sister-in-law Chrissie's father. Bernice tells Andy she will call off the wedding if he assures her they can have a relationship. Andy turns her down, saying their fling was a mistake, while Bernice confesses everything to Lawrence. Having a change of heart, Andy goes in pursuit of Bernice to win her back, but arrives too late: he witnesses her marrying Lawrence. He later begins a relationship with Chrissie, Lawrence's daughter and brother Robert's estranged wife. After Bernice's marriage to Lawrence ends and Chrissie argues with him, Andy and Bernice once again sleep together. In July 2016, after Chrissie finds out about the fling, she plants the gun that her son, Lachlan, used to shoot Lawrence in Andy's car to frame him for the crime. He is arrested and charged with attempted murder. Chrissie also blackmails Andy's barrister, Rakesh Kotecha (Pasha Bocarie), into persuading Andy to plead guilty. To their shock, Andy pleads not guilty at his hearing. Immediately afterwards, while convening in Andy's cell, Rakesh, feeling sorry for Andy, tells him to escape. When the prison warden opens the cell door, Andy pushes Rakesh into the warden and flees. He returned to Home Farm, where he discovered the truth about Chrissie. He threatens to go to the police and tell them the truth, but, desperate to make Andy suffer, she cuts herself with a knife and tries to frame Andy with it. However, Andy went on the run again before the police could catch him. He is found by his brother Robert, who agrees to help him take down Chrissie. Andy decides he has to leave the village, and Robert procures a false passport for him under the name Brian Moore. Bernice later finds him and agrees to run away with him but changes her mind when she realises how much she has to lose. They emotionally say their last goodbyes to each other and Andy leaves the village without her.


The episode where Andy sets fire to the Barn won the "Spectacular Scene of the Year" award at the 2001 British Soap Awards.[2] The character was selected as one of the "top 100 British soap characters" by industry experts for a poll to be run by What's on TV, with readers able to vote for their favourite character to discover "Who is Soap's greatest Legend?"[3] A reporter writing for the Inside Soap Yearbook described Andy as a "soap favourite" and hoped he would "hurry home soon".[4]


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