Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art

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Andy Warhol Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art (Slovak: Múzeum Andyho Warhola Medzilaborce or Múzeum Moderného Umenia Andyho Warhola) in Medzilaborce, Slovakia was established in 1991 by the American family of the artist Andy Warhol and the Slovak Ministry of Culture. Until 1996 AWMMA (the English-language acronym of the museum) was called The Warhol Family Museum of Modern Art.

The museum's Andy Warhol Permanent Exhibition consists of 160 Warhol works of art, most drawings and silkscreens, as well as Warhol memorabilia. Also displayed are works by Andy's brother Paul Warhol and Paul's son, James Warhola. The museum features prominently in the documentary Absolut Warhola, directed by Stanislaw Mucha.

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