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Andy Warhol filmography

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Andy Warhol directed or produced nearly 150 films.[1] Fifty of the films have been preserved by the Museum of Modern Art.[2] In August 2014, the Museum of Modern Art began a project to digitize films previously unseen and to show them to the public.[3]


Year Film Cast Notes
1963 Sleep John Giorno Running time of 320+ minutes
1963 Andy Warhol Films Jack Smith Filming "Normal Love" Jack Smith Lost film
1963 Sarah-Soap Sarah Dalton
1963 Denis Deegan Denis Deegan
1963 Kiss Rufus Collins, Johnny Dodd, Fred Herko, Jane Holzer, Naomi Levine
1963 Rollerskate/Dance Movie Fred Herko
1963 Jill and Freddy Dancing Fred Herko, Jill Johnston
1963 Elvis at Ferus Irving Blum
1963 Taylor and Me Taylor Mead
1963 Tarzan and Jane Regained... Sort of Taylor Mead, Dennis Hopper, Naomi Levine,
1963 Duchamp Opening Irving Blum, Gerard Malanga
1963 Salome and Delilah Fred Herko, Deborah Lee
1963 Haircut No. 1 Billy Name, Fred Herko, John Daley, James Waring
1963 Haircut No. 2 Billy Name, Fred Herko, Deborah Lee
1963 Haircut No. 3 Johnny Dodd, Billy Name
1963 Henry in Bathroom Henry Geldzahler
1963 Taylor and John John Giorno, Taylor Mead
1963 Bob Indiana, Etc. John Giorno
1963 Billy Klüver John Giorno
1963 John Washing John Giorno
1963 Naomi and John John Giorno
1964 Blow Job DeVeren Bookwalter, Willard Maas (offscreen) Shot at 24 frame/s, projected at 16 frame/s
1964 Screen Tests
1964 Naomi and Rufus Kiss Naomi Levin, Rufus Collins
1964 Jill Johnston Dancing Jill Johnston
1964 Shoulder Lucinda Childs
1964 Eat Robert Indiana
1964 Dinner At Daley's
1964 Soap Opera Jane Holzer, Rufus Collins, Gerard Malanga. Sam Green, Ivy Nicholson
1964 Batman Dracula Gregory Battcock, Rufus Collins, Henry Geldzahler, Jane Holzer, Naomi Levine, Ivy Nicholson, Gerard Malanga, Taylor Mead, Mario Montez
1964 Three Walter Dainwood, Gerard Malanga, Ondine
1964 Jane and Darius Jane Holzer
1964 Couch Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, Gerard Malanga, Naomi Levin, Henry Geldzahler, Taylor Mead
1964 Empire Runtime of 8 hours 5 minutes
1964 Henry Geldzahler Henry Geldzahler
1964 Taylor Mead's Ass Taylor Mead
1964 Six Months
1964 Mario Banana 1 Mario Montez
1964 Mario Banana 2 Mario Montez
1964 Harlot Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez
1964 Mario Montez Dances Mario Montez
1964 Isabel Wrist Isabel Eberstadt
1964 Imu and Son Imu
1964 Allen Gerard Malanga, Taylor Mead
1964 Philip and Gerard Phillip Fagan, Gerard Malanga
1964 13 Most Beautiful Women assembled from Screen Tests
1964 13 Most Beautiful Boys assembled from Screen Tests
1964 50 Fantastics and 50 Personalities assembled from Screen Tests
1964 Pause
1964 Messy Lives
1964 Lips
1964 Apple
1964 The End of Dawn
1965 John and Ivy Ivy Nicholson, John Palmer
1965 Screen Test #1 Philip Fagan
1965 Screen Test #2 Mario Montez
1965 The Life of Juanita Castro Marie Menken, Mercedes Ospina, Ronald Tavel
1965 Drink Gregory Battcock,[4]Emile de Antonio
1965 Suicide
1965 Horse Gregory Battcock,[4] Larry Letreille
1965 Vinyl Gerard Malanga, Ondine, Edie Sedgwick
1965 Bitch Gerard Malanga, Marie Menken, Edie Sedgwick
1965 Poor Little Rich Girl Edie Sedgwick
1965 Face Edie Sedgwick
1965 Restaurant Bibbe Hansen, Donald Lyons, Ondine, Edie Sedgwick
1965 Afternoon Dorothy Dean, Donald Lyons, Ondine, Edie Sedgwick
1965 Beauty No. 1 Edie Sedgwick
1965 Beauty No. 2 Gerard Malanga, Gino Piserchio, Edie Sedgwick, Chuck Wein
1965 Space Edie Sedgwick
1965 Factory Diaries Paul America, Billy Name, Ondine, Edie Sedgwick
1965 Outer and Inner Space Edie Sedgwick
1965 Prison Bibbe Hansen, Marie Menken, Edie Sedgwick
1965 The Fugs and The Holy Modal Rounders The Fugs, The Holy Modal Rounders
1965 Paul Swan Paul Swan
1965 My Hustler Paul America, Ed Hood
1965 My Hustler II Paul America, Pat Hartley, Gerard Malanga, Billy Name, Ingrid Superstar
1965 Camp Jane Holzer, Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez, Paul Swan
1965 More Milk, Yvette Mario Montez
1965 Lupe Billy Name, Edie Sedgwick
1965 The Closet Nico
1966 Kitchen Donald Lyons, René Ricard, Edie Sedgwick, Roger Trudeau
1966 Ari and Mario Mario Montez, Nico
1966 3 Min. Mary Might
1966 Eating Too Fast Gregory Battcock[4]
1966 The Velvet Underground and Nico: A Symphony of Sound The Velvet Underground, Nico
1966 The Velvet Underground A.K.A. Moe in Bondage Moe Tucker, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Lou Reed
1966 Hedy Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez, Ingrid Superstar, Ronald Tavel, Mary Woronov
1966 Rick Roderick Clayton Unreleased
1966 Withering Heights Charles Aberg, Ingrid Superstar Unreleased
1966 Paraphernalia Susan Bottomly
1966 Whips
1966 Salvador Dalí Salvador Dalí, Gerard Malanga
1966 The Beard Gerard Malanga, Mary Woronov
1966 Superboy Susan Bottomly, Ed Hood, Mary Woronov
1966 Patrick Patrick Fleming
1966 Chelsea Girls Brigid Berlin, Susan Bottomly, Eric Emerson, Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez, Marie Menken, Nico, Ondine, Ingrid Superstar, Mary Woronov
1966 Bufferin Gerard Malanga
1966 Bufferin Commercial Jane Holzer, Gerard Malanga, Mario Montez
1966 Susan-Space Susan Bottomly
1966 The Velvet Underground Tarot Cards Susan Bottomly
1966 Nico/Antoine Susan Bottomly, Nico
1966 Marcel Duchamp
1966 Dentist: Nico Denis Deegan
1966 Ivy Denis Deegan
1966 Denis Denis Deegan
1966 Ivy and Denis I
1966 Ivy and Denis II
1966 Tiger Hop
1966 The Andy Warhol Story Edie Sedgwick, René Ricard
1966 Since Ondine, Ingrid Superstar, Susan Bottomly, Mary Woronov, Richard Rheem, Gerard Malanga, Ronnie Cutrone, Ivy Nicolson
1966 The Bob Dylan Story Susan Bottomly, John Cale
1966 Mrs. Warhol Richard Rheem, Julia Warhola
1966 Kiss the Boot Gerard Malanga, Mary Woronov
1966 Nancy Fish and Rodney Nancy Fish
1966 Courtroom
1966 Jail
1966 Alien in Jail
1966 A Christmas Carol Ondine
1966 Four Stars aka **** runtime of 25 hours
1967 Imitation of Christ Tom Baker, Brigid Berlin, Pat Close, Andrea Feldman, Taylor Mead, Nico, Ondine
1967 Ed Hood Ed Hood
1967 Donyale Luna Donyale Luna
1967 I, a Man Tom Baker, Ivy Nicholson, Valerie Solanas, Ingrid Superstar, Ultra Violet, Viva
1967 The Loves of Ondine Ondine, Brigid Berlin, Rolando Peña, Viva
1967 Bike Boy Viva, Brigid Berlin, Ingrid Superstar
1967 Tub Girls Viva, Brigid Berlin, Taylor Mead
1967 The Nude Restaurant Taylor Mead, Allen Midgette, Ingrid Superstar, Viva, Louis Waldon
1967 Construction-Destruction-Construction Taylor Mead, Viva
1967 Sunset Nico
1967 Withering Sighs
1967 Vibrations
1968 Lonesome Cowboys Joe Dallessandro, Eric Emerson, Viva, Taylor Mead, Louis Waldon
1968 San Diego Surf Joe Dallessandro, Eric Emerson, Taylor Mead, Ingrid Superstar, Viva,
1968 Flesh Jackie Curtis, Patti D'Arbanville, Candy Darling, Joe Dallessandro, Geraldine Smith, Geri Miller, Jed Johnson (uncredited) Directed by Paul Morrissey
1969 Blue Movie Viva, Louis Waldon
1970 Trash Joe Dallessandro, Andrea Feldman, Jane Forth, Geri Miller, Holly Woodlawn Directed by Paul Morrissey
1970 Women in Revolt Penny Arcade, Jackie Curtis, Candy Darling, Jane Forth, Holly Woodlawn, Geri Miller (uncredited) Directed by Paul Morrissey
1971 Water
1971 Factory Diaries
1972 Heat Joe Dallesandro, Pat Ast, Eric Emerson, Andrea Feldman, Sylvia Miles, Lester Persky Directed by Paul Morrissey
1973 L'Amour Donna Jordan, Michael Sklar, Jane Forth, and Max Delys, Karl Lagerfeld Co-directed by Paul Morrissey
1973 Flesh for Frankenstein Joe Dallesandro, Monique van Vooren, Udo Kier Directed by Paul Morrissey[5]
1974 Blood for Dracula Joe Dallesandro, Udo Kier, Vittorio de Sica, Maxime McKendry Directed by Paul Morrissey
1973 Vivian's Girls Brigid Berlin, Candy Darling
Phoney Candy Darling, Maxime de la Falaise
1975 Nothing Special footage Brigid Berlin, Anjelica Huston, Paloma Picasso
1975 Fight Brigid Berlin
1977 Bad Carroll Baker, Perry King, Susan Tyrrell, Susan Blond Directed by Jed Johnson

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