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Andys Skordis (born in Nicosia, 24 August 1983) is a Cypriot composer. Andys has been awarded with the Buma Toonzetters Prize 2012, earning the title of the best Dutch Contemporary composition for that year. He has received other awards and honors from Cyprus, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Korea, Iceland and U.S.A. At the moment he lives in Amsterdam.


Andys Skordis studied Composition and Film Scoring at Berklee College of music, graduating in 2007 with Magna Cum Laude. He followed his postgraduate studies in Composition at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, studying with Richard Ayres and Wim Henderickx, graduating in 2011 with Zeer Goed. Andys has also studied Karnatic music for 5 years with Dr. Rafael Reina at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Javanese gamelan with Elsje Plantema and Balinese gamelan at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Denpasar.

Andys has composed over 50 works ranging from opera, symphonic works, ballet, chamber music, oratorio,music for dance and film scores. He has worked with ensemles such as Vocaallaab, Schoenberg, Residentie Orkest, Orkest De Ereprijs, Nieuw Ensemble, International Ensemble Modern Academy, The Black Page Orchestra, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Mousique Nouvelles and many more. His music was presented in festivals including Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Holland Festival, Unsafe and Sounds, Bali Arts Festival, ACC Symphony for Asia 2016, Young Composers Meeting, 21st Review of Composers, Yo Opera and more.

His music finds inspiration in the primordial human nature, in ceremonial and mystical rituals from the world and from his personal experiences. He considers his music as a time sculpture that adopts form in the context it is performed. Besides composing, Andys plays guitar, traditional percussion and Gamelan with several bands touring in Europe and Asia.

Awards - selection[edit]

  • 2010 2nd prize for “Stin Vrysin ton Poion?” - Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
  • 2011 Finalist for “Silkstone…are you ever going to shatter? - Orkest de Ereprijs
  • 2012 Buma Toonzetters Prize for The deeper you go...the deeper you go...the deeper you go...deeper you’’ - Buma Cultuur & MCN
  • 2012 Finalist for “7 unceremonious occasions” - Gaudeamus
  • 2013 1st prize for “O Ippis…Tou Ippi…E Ippei…Poiow Ippei?” - Cyprus Symhony Orchestra
  • 2015 Finalist for “Me…myself…the stranger” - Berliner OpernPreis
  • 2016 prize for “17…why not 37?” - International Competition for Piano Quintet, ISCM Korea and Asia Cultural Center

Selected works[edit]

  • “Ra…Patsia…Ou” - Opera, 2016
  • “Ou…Da” - Chamber Ensemble and electronics, 2016
  • “E…Sou…A?" - Oratorio for Gamelan and Choir, 2015
  • “Kra…Ne” - Piano trio, 2015
  • “Ou…Patsia…Ra” - Opera, 2014
  • “An empty something…something empty…” - large Ensemble, 2013
  • “Tir…Mbo” - chamber ensemble, 2013
  • “17…why not 37?” - piano quintet, 2013
  • “Ο Ιππής...Του Ιππή...Ε Ιππή...Ποιός Ιππεί;” - Ballet for Symphony Orchestra, 2012
  • “The deeper you go…the deeper you go…the deeper you go…deeper you go…you go…you?” - Large Ensemble and 5 Soprano, (2011)
  • “So we commence…where?” - Piano trio, 2011
  • “7 unceremonious occasions” - Brass quintet, 2010
  • “...... - Στην Βρύσην των ποιών;” - Symphony Orchestra, 2010
  • "Extrasolar Voices in an Absentminded Land" - Oratorio for large ensemble and Choir, 2009
  • "MaNIa(NA)IaM" - String quartet, 2007

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