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District of Casablanca
Anfa is located in Greater Casablanca
Location in Greater Casablanca
Coordinates: 33°35′18″N 7°38′31″W / 33.58833°N 7.64194°W / 33.58833; -7.64194Coordinates: 33°35′18″N 7°38′31″W / 33.58833°N 7.64194°W / 33.58833; -7.64194
Country  Morocco
Region Grand Casablanca
 • Total 37.5 km2 (14.5 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 492,787
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)

Anfa (Berber: Anfa; Arabic: أنفا‎) was the ancient name of Casablanca city and now is a district of Casablanca, in the Grand Casablanca region of Morocco and oldest part of the city. The district covers an area of 37.5 square kilometres (14.5 square miles) and as of 2004 had 492,787 inhabitants.[1]


Anfa was originally built and settled by the Berbers in the Middle Ages. Anfa is a Berber name which means "the top". The area became a small independent kingdom ruled by Barghawata from 744 CE until it was conquered by the Almoravids in 1068.

From the 14th century, under the Marinids, Anfa rose in importance as a port. In the early 15th century, the town became an independent state once again. It also became a safe harbour for pirates, which led to it being targeted by the Portuguese, who destroyed the town in 1468. It was used by the Portuguese, who called it Anafé, as a military fortress from 1515.

Anfa is today to the west of central Casablanca, and was the name of one of the city's two airports before being closed in 2007. The region around Casablanca is named Casa-Anfa. The neighborhood of Anfa is the most upper-class and westernized in the city.


The district is divided into three arrondissements:

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