Ang Tamang Daan

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Ang Tamang Daan
Genre Religious broadcasting
Starring Rommell Topacio
Michael Sandoval
Christian Perez
Leonardo Pidlaoan Jr.
Lemuel Solano
Romil Estrellado
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
Camera setup multicamera setup
Running time 30 minutes [1]
Production company(s) Christian Era Broadcasting Service International
Original network Net 25
Picture format 16:9 1080i (HDTV)
Original release June 11, 2001 – present
Related shows Ang Iglesia ni Cristo, The Message

Ang Tamang Daan (lit. The Right Path) is a program produced by the Philippine-based religious organization, Iglesia ni Cristo, and aired over their television station, Net 25. Originally, the Iglesia ni Cristo debates and rebukes claims made by fellow Philippine religious organization Ang Dating Daan or MCGI and their presiding minister, Eliseo Soriano, about the beliefs of the Iglesia ni Cristo, primarily regarding the deity of Jesus Christ.

Currently, it became a question and answer program about the doctrines of the INC through by e-mail messages by non-members.

The name of the program is probably meant to be a pun of the name of Ang Dating Daan, which is Tagalog for "The Old Path", with the INC claiming their program, Ang Tamang Daan is "The Right Path".

Relations between the two groups have been perennially strained, and both organizations use their respective television programs as well as other media to present "evidence" which they believe shows contradictions in each other's teachings.


Ang Tamang Daan began a regular programming on NET 25 on June 11, 2001 which was meant only as a counterpoint to Eliseo Soriano's teachings in Ang Dating Daan. However, somewhere in 2006, they decided to air the program just like the other INC programs, mainly to preach the words of the Bible, and not to involve and contradict other beliefs. The format has been adopted to another INC program, Ang Mga Nagsialis sa Samahang Ang Dating Daan, in 2006, featuring former ADD-turned INC members. Marianito Cayao Jr. and Alfie Angeles, both ADD evangelical workers were the main hosts of the program. Marianito Cayao became a full pledge minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo while Alfie Angeles is now an Augustinian Recollect seminarian. Most of the hosts of the program are the current ministers of the Iglesia ni Cristo such as Rommell Topacio, Christian Perez, Leonardo Pidlaoan, Jr., Lemuel Solano, and Romil Estrellado. In October 31, 2012, the program Ang Tamang Daan has returned and continued to INCTV Channel 49 replaced GEMTV.