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Angamali Diocese is the largest of the 12 Dioceses of Jacobite Syrian Christian Church in Kerala. Angamali Diocese was formed in the historic synod of Mulanthuruthy in 1876 and has been the major center of Jacobites through the ages.[1] Metropolitan of the Diocese is HB Baselios Thomas I Catholicose.[2]


Angamali Diocese is divided into 5 different regions for administrative purposes under different Bishops.[3]


Metropolitan- Mor Severios Abraham

Headquarters-Thrikkunnath seminary Aluva

Parent parish-St. Mary's Cathedral, Angamaly

This region consists of 52 Parishes, Famous parishes are St Thomas Church North Paravur(tomb of St Gregorios Abdul Jaleel), Thamarachal Valiyapally-Marian pilgrim centre, Angamaly St Mary's Sonoro Cathedral established in Ad 406, Aluva Trikkunath St Mary's Church (Tomb of St Athanasiaus), Pallikkara Malecruz St Thomas Church- Global St THomas Pilgrim Centre


Metropolitan- Mor Aphrem Mathews

Headquarters- Koinonia,Vengola

Parent Parish- St. Mary's Cathedral, Kurupampady (largest Parish in Malankara-2000 families)

The region has 43 Parishes. Other Famous parishes of the region are Perumbavur Bathel Sulokho Cathedral, Mazhuvanoor St Thomas Cathedral, Kurupampady St. Mary's Cathedral, Vengoor Mar Kauma Church, Thuruthiply St Mary's Church


Metropolitan-Mor Yulios Elias

Headquarters - Cathoilcate Aramana- Mount Sinai,Kothamangalam

Parent Parish- Morth Mariyam Cathedral(valiyapally), Kothmangalam

This region is called the Stronghold of Jacobites with 48 churches and most of them big parishes.Most Famous Parishes region includes Morth Mariyam Cathedral Kothamangalam (Valiyapally)-established in AD 456, Mar Thoma Cheriayapally Kothmangalam (tomb of St Baselious Yeldho), Chelad Bes Aniya Valiyapally, Kottapady Kalkunnel church, Kottapady Nagancherry church

Highrange (Adimali)[edit]

Metropolitan-Mor Yulios Elias

Headquarters-Metropolitan aramana Adimali

Parent parish- St George Cathedral, Adimali

This is the largest region in terms of area as it covers regions of Angamali diocese falling in Idukki district.There are 34 Parishes in the region. Major parishes are St. George Cathedral Adimali, Koompanpara St. George Church, 14th mile Ignatius Noorono Church,


Metropolitan- Mor Anthimos Mathews

Headquarters- Muvattupuzha aramana

Parent parish- St. Mary's Cathedral, Karakunnam

This Region has 37 Parishes, major Parishes are St. Mary's Cathedral Karakkunnam, Rakkad Cathedral, and Kadathy St. Peter's and St. Paul's church. st.Mary's Jacobite Syrian church Mullaringadu

Sunday School[edit]

The 257 Sunday Schools in the diocese are divided into 3 Zones and Zones into 23 districts.

District Diocese Region Zone Number of Sunday Schools
Angamali Angamali Angamali West 16
Aluva Angamali Angamali West 15
Pukkattupady Angamali Angamali West 8
Pallikkara Angamali Angamali West 18
North Paravur Angamali Angamali West 5
Malayidomthuruthu Perumbavoor Angamali West 8
Thuruthiply Perumbavoor Angamali West 8
Vengoor Perumbavoor Angamali Central 8
Kuruppumpady Perumbavoor Angamali Central 9
Perumbavoor Perumbavoor Angamali Central 8
Keezhillam Perumbavoor Angamali Central 8
Krariyeli Perumbavoor Angamali Central 10
Chelad Kothamangalam Angamali Central 14
Kottapady Kothamangalam Angamali Central 15
Kothamangalam Kothamangalam Angamali East 19
Kavalangadu Kothamangalam Angamali East 9
Kunnakurudy Perumbavoor Angamali West 10
Muvattupuzha West Muvattupuzha Angamali Central 14
Muvattupuzha East Muvattupuzha Angamali East 16
Valara Highrange Angamali East 4
Rajakumary Highrange Angamali East 11
Adimali Highrange Angamali East 17
Kambalikandam Highrange Angamali East 7

Angamali Region- 62
Perumbavoor Region- 59
Kothamangalam Region- 57
Muvattupuzha Region- 40
Highrange Region- 39

West Zone- 88
Central Zone- 86
East Zone- 83

Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Youth Association[edit]

This is the youth wing of Jacobite Syrian church. Diocese Secretary: Paul Kooran

Sl No Region Priest Vice President Secretary No of Units
1 ADIMALI - - 34
2 ANGAMALY - Saju Parakkadan 52
3 KOTHAMANGALAM - Basil Chelad 48

Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students Movement[edit]

Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students Movement (MGJSM) is the student wing of Jacobite church started in 1922 at Cheruthottukunnel St. George church in Angamali Region of Angamali Diocese by St. Athanasius of Aluva. MGJSM in Angamali Diocese is divided into 6 Regions

  • Spiritual Director: Rev Fr George Vayaliparambil
  • Diocesean Coordinator: Shinil Thuruthummel
  • Committee Members
  1. Godly
  2. Jinson
  3. Eldho Madathumpady
  4. Eldho Karukapilly
  5. Maria Paul
  6. Aby Mathew
  7. Joseph Peter
  8. Fima Joy
  9. Ebin Eldho
  10. Belby Benny
  11. Albin Aleyas
  12. Ankith Sabu
  13. Leeba Benny
  14. Jobin
  15. Boney
Sl No Region Spiritual Advisor Coordinator Secretary No of Units
1 ADIMALI Fr Babu Jobin Boney 17
2 ANGAMALY Fr George Vayaliparambil Godly Jinson 23
3 KOTHAMANGALAM Fr Baby John Ebin Eldhose Belby Benny 18
4 MUVATTUPUZHA Fr Kuriakose Maniyattu Albin Aleyas Ankith Sabu 18
5 PALLIKKARA Fr Babu Varghese Eldho Madathumpady Eldho Jacob Karukapilly 20
6 PERUMBAVOOR Fr Varghese Mannarampil Aby Mathew Joseph Peter 18


Name Sworn in End of term
1 H G Kadavil Paulose Mor Athanasius 1876 1907
2 H B Pulikkottil Joseph Mor Dionysius 1907 1909
3 St Paulose Mor Athanasius 1910 1953
4 H G Geevarghese Mor Gregorious 1953 1966
5 Philipose Mar Theophilose 1966 1974
6 H B Baselios Thomas I Catholicose (till 2002 H G Thomas Mor Dionysious) 1974 till date


Parishes:214 (including Independent Chapels:37) Priests:294


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