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Flag of Angatuba
Coat of arms of Angatuba
Coat of arms
Location in São Paulo state
Location in São Paulo state
Angatuba is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 23°29′25″S 48°24′46″W / 23.49028°S 48.41278°W / -23.49028; -48.41278Coordinates: 23°29′25″S 48°24′46″W / 23.49028°S 48.41278°W / -23.49028; -48.41278
StateSão Paulo
 • Total1,028 km2 (397 sq mi)
 (2020 [1])
 • Total25,479
 • Density25/km2 (64/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-03:00 (BRT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-02:00 (BRST)

Angatuba is a Brazilian municipality in the state of São Paulo. The population is 25,479 (2020 est.) in an area of 1028 km².[2] The highway Rodovia Raposo Tavares passes south of the city.

There is controversy about the meaning of the name Angatuba. It is a Tupi-Guarani word for "house of spirits" or "sweet fruit".[3] Angatuba was founded in 1872, under the name Espírito Santo da Boa Vista. It became a town (vila) and an independent municipality in 1885, when it was separated from Itapetininga. It was elevated to a city (cidade) in 1906. The name was changed to Angatuba in 1908. In 1991 Campina do Monte Alegre was separated from Angatuba.[3]

The municipality contains the 1,394 hectares (3,440 acres) Angatuba Ecological Station, a fully protected conservation unit created in 1985. The ecological station is contained within the Angatuba State Forest.[4] This is a 1,196.21 hectares (2,955.9 acres) sustainable use conservation unit created in 1965.[5]


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