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Angel's Ladies

Coordinates: 36°56′31″N 116°44′12″W / 36.9419003°N 116.7367822°W / 36.9419003; -116.7367822
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Angel's Ladies
Angel's Ladies sign
Angel's Ladies sign
Angel's Ladies is located in Nevada
Angel's Ladies
Angel's Ladies
Location in Nevada
Former namesCircle C Ranch
Vickie's Star Ranch
Fran's Star Ranch
LocationBeatty, Nevada
Coordinates36°56′31″N 116°44′12″W / 36.9419003°N 116.7367822°W / 36.9419003; -116.7367822
OperatorMack Moore
ClosedAugust 2014

Angel's Ladies was a 5,000-square-foot legal brothel situated on a 70-acre ranch which was located three miles north of Beatty, Nevada.[1] It was known as Fran's Star Ranch until it was renamed Angel's Ladies in 1997 after being purchased by Mack and Angel Moore.[2] It has been closed since August 2014.[3]


Prior to the 1970s, the brothel had been known variously as Circle C Ranch and Vickie's Star Ranch.[4] On May 28, 1977, an accident during a promotional stunt on the property resulted in the crash of a twin-engined light aircraft.[5] The wreck has been located next to the brothel's billboard ever since, and used as a spectacle to attract customers from the road.[6] Mack Moore attempted to sell Angel’s Ladies in 2007, but ended up taking it over again two years later as a result of foreclosure. He subsequently sold the business again in 2010, this time for $1.8 million, and continued to run it as a leaseholder.[7] On 10 August 2014 he retired and closed the business.

In the media[edit]

A documentary film called Angel's Ladies was released in 2000 featuring the brothel, its owners and its staff.[8] The brothel also appears in the 2011 photography book Nevada Rose by Marc McAndrews as part of a project about the brothels of rural Nevada.

During the last days that the brothel was open the band Disappointment #1 performed there and recorded interviews. They released an album Live at Brothel Angel's Ladies in October 2015.[9]

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