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Industry Venture Capital
Founded 2010
Founder Thomas Korte, Carine Magescas
Headquarters San Francisco, CA

AngelPad is an American seed-stage startup incubator, launched in September 2010 by Thomas Korte with six former Google employees.[1] AngelPad provides mentorship, seed money, and networking at two 10-week courses per year.

AngelPad attracted attention in August 2011 after announcing that each of its startups will have the option to accept $100,000 from two venture capital firms at the start of their class.[2]

The incubator has often been compared to Y Combinator.[3]


The program consists of ten weeks of mentorship, brainstorming, fundraising, and pragmatic advice, concluding with a "Demo Day" in which companies present their value propositions and ideas to hundreds of investors.[4]

Application Process[edit]

The application process consists of a written application, starting on the incubator's website.

Fewer than 15 startups were selected out of a pool of 800 applicants for the Winter 2011 class,[5] for an acceptance rate of 1.9%.

Notable portfolio companies[edit]

Several AngelPad companies have already attracted subsequent rounds of investment. The companies are: CoverHound, MoPub, Postmates, Drone Deploy,[6] Ribbon, Rolepoint and Vungle.[7][8]

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