Angel (2011 film)

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Theatrical release poster
Directed by Ganesh Acharya
Produced by Ganesh Acharya
Story by Mauzzam Beg
Starring Nilesh Sahay
Madalsa Sharma
Aruna Irani
Manoj Joshi
Music by Amjad Nadeem
Cinematography Aseem Bajaj
Edited by Nilesh Naik
Distributed by TF1 Home Entertainment(France)
Release date
  • 4 February 2011 (2011-02-04)
Country India
Language Hindi, French

Angel is a 2011 Bollywood film directed by Ganesh Acharya and starring Nilesh Sahay, Madalsa Sharma, Aruna Irani and Manoj Joshi. The film was produced by Ganesh Acharya, while the soundtrack was composed by Amjad Nadeem. This movie is about the struggle for acceptance. The main character Abhay Chawla got in to an accident which made Sonal become mad. Abhay felt guilty so he started taking care of her and eventually befriends her. They fall in love eventually. This movie is about the struggles they have to face in love.



Abhay is a careless, high on life boy who lives with his mother, brother and sister in law. One day while riding his motorbike, he bangs into an old man who dies on the spot and abhay is sentenced to a 2-years jail. When he is released from the imprisonment, he goes to his home only to find out that his brother had sold the house and shifted somewhere else. He goes to a restaurant and after he is finished with his meal, he realizes that he has no money and gives his brother's number to the owner but that number is unavailable and the owner hands him over to the police. His brother finally shows up after a few hours and takes him to their new home. Abhay slowly realizes that everyone is angry with him and they are more than happy without him. Even his friends do not want to reunite with him as he had been jailed for two years.The next day he goes to man's residence who died due in the accident. There he meets his daughter, Sonal who is both physically and mentally challenged due to some trauma 5 years back. He tries to befriend her and leaves his number on the dressing mirror. Sonal's brother and sister in law got a flat as the compensation of her disease but left her to their own house in a chawl. They have left her along with a maid called Marry. Abhay joins his brothers garage and starts helping a fellow mechanic named Vihsal. And he also develops a feeling of affection for Sonal. He takes her to a charitable hospital and finds out about her disease and she can recover from it only by doing exercises and getting emotional support and motivation. Abhay tries his best to help her recover and falls for her. On sonal's birthday eve, he confesses his love and they both start making which is witnessed by sonal's family and they accuse him of raping their physically challenged sister. Abhay is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. Now the only way to get abhay out of the jail is sonal herself telling police the truth.


The album features 7 tracks composed by Amjad Nadeem. Lyrics written by Shabbir Ahmed.

Track Listings[edit]

# Song Singer(s) Length
1 "Phir Teri" Sonu Nigam 5:00
2 "Rubaru (Kyun Faaslein Hai)" Amjad Nadeem & Shweta Pandit 5:14
3 "Aye Khuda (Duet)" Sonu Nigam & Sukhwinder Singh 6:02
4 "Angel" Karthik & Shweta Pandit 6:05
5 "Tell Me Why" Neeraj Shridhar 5:11
6 "Titliyon Ki Phoor" Shweta Pandit 4:41
7 "Aye Khuda" Sukhwinder Singh 5:58


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