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Angel Airlines was a private airline with its base at Băneasa Airport (the capital's second airport), Bucharest, Romania. It operated domestically, to main cities in Romania.

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Angel Airlines was founded in August 2001, first flying from Bucharest to Baia Mare and Iaşi. It was founded as a result of Romania's rapid economic development, and the growing domestic and short-haul international airline market.

The company declared bankruptcy and closed in 2004.


Angel Airlines used to fly to the following destinations from Bucharest:

Some flights were under codeshare agreements with TAROM, the national carrier. According to Angel's business practise, Angel had two flights on each route, one in the morning and one in the evening, for maximum efficiency.

In August 2002, the airline adopted a new business strategy that was still focused on efficient timing and routes, but also on international and charter flights. The airline was in agreement with a number of Romanian tour operators to provide charter flights to destinations in Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. The airline also introduced the following international and domestic flights:

Angel Airlines was also planning to introduce flights on the route Bucharest-Tirana-Bari and Bucharest-Craiova-Rimini.


The Angel Airlines fleet consisted of two BAe Jetstream 31 aircraft.

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