Angel Burn

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Angel Burn
Angel Fire
Angel Fever
Author L.A. Weatherly
Country US, UK
Language English
Genre Fantasy,
Young-adult fiction,
Publisher Candlewick
Published January 2011, May 24, 2011
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)
Followed by Angel Fire

Angel Burn' is the US title of the first book of the 'Angel' trilogy written by L.A. Weatherly and was published in January 2011.[1] In the UK, the first book in the series is simply called Angel. Weatherly has written almost 50 books for children and young teenagers (including Child X and Missing Abby), but the 'Angel' series is her first YA trilogy.

Angel is a young-adult trilogy romance thriller fantasy and supernatural. The angels in the series are beings from another dimension, who crossed over to ours when the ether, their natural foodsource, started running out. To supplement it, they feed off humans' aura, causing serious long-term illnesses to them. Willow is a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers she is half-angel; she meets Alex, who is actually there to kill her, but instead he falls in love with her.


Willow Fields always knew she was different. It was not her obsession with car parts and maintenance that separated her from the others, but her psychic powers that enabled her to see people's future whenever she touched someone's hand. One day, a popular student, Beth, came to her to ask for her advice. From her psychic reading, she discovered that Beth had encountered an angel, and that the angel would do her more harm than good as he would eventually drain all of Beth's life force if she chose the path of following him. The angel's headquarters being to the Church of Angels. Convinced that the angel would not hurt her in any way, Beth went away, indifferent to Willow's warnings. That night, Willow was visited by a very handsome man on her porch, who did nothing but touch her hand, but that touch was enough for her to know that the man was the same angel that found Beth. After the handshake, the angel wore a startled expression and left hastily.

The next day, a young assassin named Alex got a text that told him his next target. He travelled to Willow's house, intended to find an angel waiting for him to be killed. Instead, he found Willow, a human. But there was something that convoluted Willow's situation as her aura had bits of silver that hinted a trait of angel. Bewildered, Alex did not know what to do with the angel-human creature, and looked at her in awe when she woke up and shined with beauty.

Meanwhile, Willow decided to visit the Church of Angels to persuade Beth. During the ceremony, she noticed the angels draining the energy from humans, which was invisible to anyone else. When Beth walked down to her row to receive blessings, she was scared when she saw Willow screeched for her angel to protect her. A guy came out and dragged Willow from the crowd, running with her to a black Porsche, where the guy took out a rifle and shot the halo of Beth's angel. Urging Willow to get on the car to escape the crowd's chase, the guy revealed his name to be Alex and that Willow was a half-angel. Not trusting Alex, Willow was reminded of her long-lost father and her mother's half-insane claim that he was an angel. Alex thrust his hands to Willow's, telling her to trust him and read his mind. Willow found that he was an angel assassin working for CIA and lost his brother to the angels, the reason for his strong hatred towards them. Finally trusting him, Willow was too shocked to do anything except to sit and watch the view as Alex drove to the Porsche to his fellow angel assassin's, away from her friends and family.

Alex told Willow that she was rumored to be the only thing on earth that could destroy all the angels, an evil creature that gained energy from draining human power, and their influence was getting stronger daily, as those drained would felt immense bliss and happiness and a false illusion that the angels were doing them a favour. Brainwashed that all angels were deadly and devilish after his brother's death, Alex could not help convincing himself that his undeniable attraction towards Willow was very wrong. Nevertheless, their attraction only grew as they travelled across states, and it did not help that their original tension, misunderstanding and hatred had changed to platonic conversations and caring. As they approached his friend's house, Willow got a bad feeling that something nefarious was hidden under his smile, and it was proven true after confrontation that Cully, Alex's friend, was suffering from angel burn, and had contacted the angels to kill them. Against the odds, Alex and Willow escaped from the angels, but was lost in where they should be now.

Despite their lost direction, Alex decided to go to his old family cabin until he had a clearer picture of the next step they were taking. Willow accompanied him and they shared a kiss. They lived in the cabin for a few weeks peacefully, until two CIA agents, an angel and a human being found them. They told them that a new wave of angels was coming to earth, and they needed Willow's distinct light wave to ignite a stone to destroy the gate and kill all angels coming. Since Willow was very likely to die in this mission, Alex did not want Willow to accept it, though Willow seemed determined to take her destiny to die in order to save the human race. With both sides having made up their minds, Alex and Willow parted after a fight that ended their relationship and got Willow on a helicopter to Denver to accept her mission.

At the night of the angels arriving, Willow ignited the stone to destroy the gate, but was unable to completely damage it or all the angels. Although Willow was dead, she was saved when Alex suddenly returned and gave his energy to her. Willow was awakened, and was very happy when she saw that Alex had come back for her. She and Alex left after discovering that the mastermind behind the arrival was Willows's father. They realized that he was only unconscious and that they could not kill him. They hit the road again, this time hoping to really stop the angels.


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