Angel Corpus Christi

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Angel Corpus Christi
Cover of The 80's
Background information
Birth name Andrea Ross
Born Flint, Michigan United States
Genres Indie rock, rock
Occupation(s) Songwriter, Musician
Instruments Vocals, accordion
Years active 1982–present
Labels Almo Sounds, Munster Records, Criminal Damage Records, Gulcher Records, a&r/ENT
Associated acts Dean Wareham, Suicide, X-tal

Angel Corpus Christi (real name Andrea Ross) is a San Francisco-based singer, songwriter and accordionist, who records and performs with her husband, guitarist Rich Stim (of MX-80).

As well as writing and performing her own songs she has recorded cover versions by artists such as The Ramones, Suicide, Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, and Lou Reed.[1] After two low-key albums in the mid-1980s on Criminal Damage records, 1990 saw the release of Accordion Pop vol. 1, and The 80's. .[2] In the mid-1990s, she signed to the major-backed label Almo Sounds, who issued White Courtesy Phone which features a guest appearance from Herb Alpert.[2] She has also recorded with Dean Wareham (formerly of Galaxie 500 and Luna) and Alan Vega (of Suicide),[2] and played accordion on Spiritualized's 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.[3] Her 2003 release, Divine Healer, features former Switchblade Symphony guitarist George Earth on guitar and bass, who also played guitar and drums on her 2005 release, Louie Louie.[4][5] In 2009, Angel, working with producer Dave Nelson, deconstructed seven Elvis Presley songs for her release, Elvis Elvis.[6] In 2012, Angel released Angel Does X-tal, a five-song EP tribute to the San Francisco band, X-tal.



  • I Love NY (1984, Criminal Damage, reissued 1999, Munster)
  • Wake Up & Cry (1985, Criminal Damage)
  • Dim The Lights (1987, ENT)
  • Accordion Pop Volume 1 (1989, Stim)
  • The 80's (1989, Next Big Thing)
  • White Courtesy Phone (1994, Almo Sounds)
  • Accordion Pop Volume 1 (2003 re-issue, Gulcher Records)
  • Divine Healer (2003, Gulcher Records)
  • Louie Louie (a tribute to Lou Reed) (2005 Gulcher Records)
  • Elvis Elvis (a tribute to Elvis Presley) (2009 a&r/ENT)
  • Angel Does X-tal (a tribute to X-tal) (2012 a&r/ENT)
  • Half Moon Fever (a tribute to Tom Petty) (2015 a&r/ENT)


  • "Pull Girl"/"Ruff Tuff Creme Puff"
  • "Je T'aime (I Wanna Boogie With You)"/"Wild Bill" (with Dean Wareham) (1994)
  • "Me and My Beretta" (1996, 3mv/Almo Sounds)
  • "Je T'aime" (with Dean Wareham)/"Cheree" (with Alan Vega)/"Surfer Girl" (1998, Almo Sounds)
  • "You"/"I Want Everything" (with Dean Wareham) (2001)
  • "Big Black Cloud"/"Candy"


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