Angel Densetsu

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Angel Densetsu
Angel Densetsu vol15.jpg
Cover of volume 15
(Enjeru Densetsu)
Written byNorihiro Yagi
Published byShueisha
MagazineMonthly Shōnen Jump
Original run19922000
Original video animation
Directed byYukio Kaizawa
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedDecember 13, 1996
Runtime45 minutes
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Angel Densetsu (エンジェル伝説, Enjeru Densetsu, Angel of Legend) is a shōnen manga created by Norihiro Yagi. Serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump from 1992 to 2000, in total of 15 volumes. In 1996 a 45-minute OVA (Original video animation) was released and available on VHS.


Angel Densetsu is a story about Seiichirō Kitano, a kind and naive boy with the heart of an angel, but the sinister looks of a devil. This paired with his horrible luck and awkward social skills causes many misunderstandings, leading people to assume that he is a delinquent and heroin addict, and (unbeknownst to himself) results in a career as the head thug, or "school guardian" at his new school.


Hekikuu High School[edit]

Seiichirō Kitano (北野 誠一郎, Kitano Seiichirō) Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita
The main protagonist, a first-year boy whose face inspires terror and despair in other people's hearts, but whose true nature is that of a kind-hearted boy. Despite looking like a delinquent, he keeps his grades up (chapter 57). As of the first chapter, no one but his parents could see his face and not fear in terror. His gentle and caring actions mostly frighten those around him, and while he's used to getting hit for no apparent reason at all (except for his terrifying features), he has a natural ability to move instantly along the direction of the hits thereby suffering little to no damage. He is also observed of having the will to remain standing despite injuries (whether cosmetic or real).
He has slicked back hair, has pale skin, is thin, with black bags under his eyes, no eyebrows, and unnaturally small pupils – traits which gives off a demonic delinquent feeling. Since his irises are smaller than normal, he’s extremely susceptible to sunlight, Especially during summer classes.
Although he has no martial arts skill at all and doesn't like violence, he would often jump into fights head on, either to protect someone or to break the fight. Of course, coming headlong into fights while screaming incoherently (a trait that was also seen in Kitano's father that happens when both are in a state of panic), 'armed' with his already-mentioned scary countenance only serve to confuse the ones he face, and more importantly to serve the rumors of him being a delinquent, especially when the usual circumstances made that he is the only remaining person standing. Because of all the fights he gets caught up in, Kitano's speed and reflexes advance to a near inhuman level, his reflexes are at the level where they can keep up with a martial arts master while his speed is great enough that using he becomes a blur and simultaneously avoid three martial artists (chapters 20, 34, and 51). His speed is fast enough that he can avoid the click of a camera lens of an experienced photographer (chapter 55).
At the beginning of the series when he got into a fight he would stand around getting hit by his opponents avoiding the brunt of the damage using his previously mentioned counter then ending the fight with his trademark double-palmed push. As the series progresses, however, his fighting style switches from constantly getting hit to then avoiding hits with inhuman speed, starting in chapter 20 to 51.
The biggest secret to Kitano’s strength is his ability to avoid receiving all the blows with the smallest movement necessary. It’s like the reflexes of Miyamoto Musashi. The sound heard is the attacker hitting him though he’s not doing any damage. The more them hit him, the more he comes back, so in the end all they feel is fear.
Aside from his speed, reflex, and his stubborn will, Kitano also occasionally uses a special finishing move, a double-palmed push. It is, literally, just a push. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it also bears behind it the whole of Kitano Seiichiro's will. It has been observed repeatedly of having the capability of lifting the victims off their feet and sending them soaring several feet away. This finishing move is instinctual, and mostly used when Kitano is trying to protect someone. An example was when he protected Ryoko against Katayama and his two henchmen in chapter 12. When he saw her getting beat up by Katayama, he pushed the two henchmen unconscious. Katayama tried to keep him down by beating him up, but Kitano kept getting up because Katayama was beating up a girl. Kitano was taught that girls should be treated kindly. He unconsciously turned towards the direction of Katayama's attacks and beats him using his signature push.
Kitano uses hair gel every day in order to prevent his bad bedhead to stick up. On rare days when he runs out of gel or sweat it off, his hair will spike up like a porcupine (chapter 7). Only when his hair is completely wet will it flatten out (chapter 44).
Characteristically of the series, the angel-hearted Kitano would misunderstand the actions of the people he faces (or forced to face), never even thinking ill of them, while the reverse is almost certainly true. This is the running gag that serves as the centre of which the story revolve around. For example, in chapter 14, when Kuroda asked Kitano and Takehisa to help him “clean up the trash” in Soukyuu Park near the school, Kitano told them, “If you’re going to clean up trash, you use brooms, isn’t that right?” Kuroda and Takehisa thought the brooms will be used as weapons to “clean up the trash” (beating up the delinquents from the other schools in Soukyuu Park), while Kitano literally meant for cleaning up the park (picking up and throwing away used soda cans and food into the trash).
In the beginning, everyone feared Kitano. After getting used to him and learning his real personality, they started to view him as a normal person. Even the people who were against him changed for the better.
Kitano confessed to the whole school that he has feelings for Ryoko in chapter 18 after the rumors Suda spread about Kitano and Ryoko going out. After Kuroda took Ryoko away, the students thought less of Kitano’s cold demeanor though Suda still tries but his reputation crumbled in the end. After the students learn that Kitano is not that mean of a guy, they know that he doesn’t hurt normal students, only beating the delinquents.
Though Ryoko tries several methods to have him look like a normal person, they end up having the opposite effect. People end up thinking he is immortal.
An amusing fact was revealed in chapter 40, that apparently Kitano and his father can apparently communicate with perfect understanding when both are doing the incoherent screeching that has become one of Kitano's trademarks. Even his sneezes sound like his screeching (chapter 16), though he caught a cold in chapter 20.
Though he looks like a delinquent, surprisingly he comes to school on time every day. Only once in chapter 11 was when he actually skipped school.
A surprising fact, in his last school before he transferred (chapter 21.5), the students and teachers know of his kind nature. The teachers know that he will clean the school on his last day. He coincidentally got arrested instead of the killer and couldn’t say goodbye to his friends.
He was taught that boys should treat girls kindly. If someone tries to hurt a girl, Kitano’s willpower returns and will keep attacking until that person is beat (chapter 34).
He is a kind person that, when he visited Ryoko’s house in chapter 36, he sat in the Seiza position. But when her cold got worse in chapter 37, he felt depressed, which is the only time his personality is different than what it usually is.
When he and Ryoko are together, they are often called the strongest couple. Chapter 41 is the only time when the both of them walked home together without the whole gang. Chapter 52 is where they went on their first date.
With his speed, he is surprising good in football (chapter 57).
Kitano usually takes his classes seriously, except for the time he fell asleep (chapter 65).
Kids have always been afraid of him. There are usually two outcomes. They either run away, or start crying. So he’s never been good with kids. He doesn’t know how to talk to them or act towards them (chapter 69).
Ryoko kissed his forehead in chapter 79 and in the lips in chapter 84.
Seikichi Kuroda (黒田 清吉, Kuroda Seikichi) Voiced by: Kōji Ishii
First seen in chapter 1, he is the former "guardian" of Hekikuu High. He's been a slave to the previous guardian for most of his high school life, and he thought he could enjoy being the guardian in his last year of school, but he is forced to resign soon after meeting Kitano. As a third-year student, he is the most delinquent-like of the group, skipping lessons to smoke and provoking fights. Although he usually gets beaten up by others (Koiso Ryoko, Takehisa, other delinquents), he isn't physically weak - he is tall, large by nature, and has considerable strength. The fact he is constantly defeated lies in his mind - he is easily scared and has tendency to panic. When that happens, he will shy away from reality and talk about things like the sky. He is also simple-minded enough to be manipulated, even by Suda in chapter 18, though his two lackeys weren’t tricked. He considers himself to be number 2 instead of Takehisa.
Kuroda desperately tries to reserve a leftovers of his dignity by acting like a guardian before Ogisu and his senpais. Also, he fell in love with Ryoko in chapter 8 and confessed in chapter 9 but was shot down. She doesn't like to go out with someone weaker than her in both skill and love. He tries to beat her seriously to get her affection but got beaten up instantly instead. Since then, he tries desperately to court her and got manipulated by Suda in the process.
A sample of his real strength is shown in chapter 25. When Ogisu knocked him unconscious after one punch, his fear of his opponent and awkward movements disappeared. He punched Ogisu’s arm with enough force that he felt the numbing feeling. Unfortunately, that strength was momentarily when Ogisu punched him again, causing him to return to his former weakened nature.
If it is something dealing with Ryoko, like a kiss, he will unconsciously avoid even Takehisa’s hits (chapter 79).
As third-year students, Jirou Ooshita and Gorou Tokiyama are his two lackeys/friends. Both of them have rarely been referred to by their actual names (Their full names are revealed in chapter 17). Koide, the class president's assistant calls it a "miracle" that he was able to obtain their full names. As the story progresses, they realize Kuroda's weakness (and strengths, rarely good, though), but they kept on being loyal to him.
Although they act strong, it is usually tough for them just to beat up one person. If they combine 3-vs-1, they can win against a weak delinquent. Once they beat up three delinquents from Hakuun High while running away from Kitano.
Another piece of trivia from the author himself, Kuroda serves as a pivotal character at the very start of the series, when the author experienced a writer's block.
Yūji Takehisa (竹久 優二, Takehisa Yūji) Voiced by: Kyousei Tsukui
He is first seen in chapter 2. He is the strongest first-year delinquent of Hekikuu High, previously suspended for beating up one of the teachers. Short for his size, he makes it up for his strength which he has been known for since middle school. After being defeated by Kitano, he proclaims himself his "little brother". He sometimes follows Kitano as a lackey. He is considered the number 2, one below Kitano. He sports spiked bleached hair and has no eyebrows.
In the beginning, Kitano thought that Takehisa would commit suicide by slicing his wrist with his knife. In reality, it intimately led to misunderstandings.
He is able to beat up all four delinquents at once if he is gives them the surprise attack and has a weapon.
After claiming loyalty to Kitano, he becomes less delinquent-like. He doesn't get into a lot of fight anymore (although he doesn't lose any of his fighting skill), nor does he skip classes, staying calm most of the time. Before he met Kitano, he used to start fights. His old, hot-blooded self, comes to the surface when someone tries to harm Kitano or himself, like in chapter 45 to 46.
At the end of the series, when confronted with the fact of Kitano being 'normal' - Takehisa's old comrades had come and asked him to join up in order to beat up Kitano - he proclaimed that whether or not Kitano is a delinquent, he is still Takehisa's best friend. He then proceeded to beat up his old comrades with a smile on his face (chapter 81).
Ryoko Koiso (小磯 良子, Koiso Ryōko) Voiced by: Tomo Sakurai
She is a beautiful first-year student who first appeared in chapter 8. She is the daughter of the Koiso-style kobujutsu karate master, from her father, initially set on fighting each and every high school delinquent, and convinced that Kitano is evil and very strong. After fighting him, however, she discovers his true nature, and little by little she becomes his girlfriend.
In the story, she is considered very strong, having only been beaten by sneak attacks or accidents. Both her and Shirataki Ikuno are observed of having the same personality traits. They, as pointed out by Hirayama, used to be really savage, like they could never stand being beaten by a boy before they met Kitano. But after meeting him, their tenseness ran out of their shoulders, and now they just act normal (chapter 32).
She easily defeats Katayama in chapter 8 but he came back in chapters 10 and 12 for more revenge.
When Kuroda asks her out in chapter 9, she rejects him since she will only go out with a man stronger than her.
She is the first to see Kitano's true kind nature in chapter 11. After Kitano defeats Katayama in chapter 12, she finds out that Kitano is stronger in both power and heart, like an angel. She doesn’t try to tell people of his true nature because “if people always think that what they see is everything, then they don’t realize they can’t see what’s truly important” (chapter 13). She is the first student (non-delinquent) to talk to Kitano in public.
She is confident to win on a 1-on-1 fight but has trouble with three or more at once, unless it’s Kuroda and his two lackeys.
She has a suspicion that Suda could not have taken all the delinquents in the Soukyuu Park incident by himself. She knows that Suda couldn’t have just talked to delinquents and convinced them to leave. Something was up.
While Suda was gather data on her in chapter 17, he learns that her grades are above average. When Koide asked her if she had feelings for Kitano, she reddened as she shook her head in denial. Suda instantly knew that Kitano and her had feelings for each other but hadn’t realized it yet.
When she was about to confess her feelings to Kitano after he did his in chapter 18, Kuroda cared her away and locked her in the supply closet. When Kuroda lets her out to see his valor, she kicked him. She even went up to Suda and punched him in the face.
She tries several times to get him to become a normal person but all of them failed, like putting bandages on his head in chapter 24. Though, all those ended in vain.
When she stares into the sun, she starts crying. The pigmentation in her irises makes her weak against bright lights.
When Ryoko has a cold, she will have it for a week. Which started out as just Kitano to visit her house with Ikuko, ended up having Kuroda and his two lackeys, Ikuno, Takehisa, and Ogisu visiting as well (chapter 36).
Ryoko was conscious of walking home with Kitano alone without the gang in chapter 41.
Kitano and her went on their first date in chapter 52 and even held hands.
She met Kitano's parents in chapter 64.
She became jealous when Ikuno touched Kitano’s head in chapter 75 and blood obviously visible on her chest of her uniform.
She kissed Kitano’s forehead in chapter 79 and in the lips in chapter 84.
Though she can deal with anyone, as long as they have a body, she can’t deal with them if they don’t have one (chapter 80).
Ikuko Hirayama (平山 郁子, Hirayama Ikuko)
Ryoko's best friend and classmate, and the only "normal" friend of Kitano, after learning about his true nature from Ryoko in chapter 13. Short for her stature and very sensitive, she's the only one to openly notice how much being friends with Kitano has changed Ryoko and Ikuno (chapter 32). She is annoyed by the slow pace of Ryoko’s and Kitano’s relationship since they’ve been going out for six months (chapter 82).
Her name has come to one of the series' running gags, with Kuroda repeatedly calling her Koiso Ryoko's Friend #A. Her first name is first used about one-fourth into the story (starting from chapter 36), and her family is not revealed until the very end of the series (chapter 82). The author had even thrown a contest to let the readers guess the family name (only one reader has correctly guessed what her surname is).
The inspiration for it was Ikuo Hirayama, a famous nihonga artist and former principal of the Geidai.
The Hekiku High School Student Body President Suda is handsome, popular, and clever. He is first shown in chapter 15. To him, nothing is more important than the students' view of him and victory over his opponents, and he is willing to go to any length, most often lying to and manipulating his "friends and subjects" to achieve that goal, such as the Soukyuu Park incident. It was actually Kitano, Kuroda and his two thungs, and Takehisa who cleaned the park of the thugs than the Student Council.
Suda is meant to be a parallel or antithesis to Kitano. While Kitano is frightening in appearance and often called a monster, while actually being kind and gentle, Suda is quite attractive and charismatic, whom people often adore and proclaim to be awesome or hot. However, he is more like a monster in his behavior, often lying to people and manipulating them to achieve his ends. He even goes so far as to try to turn Ryoko against Kitano in order to emotionally devastate him and win the war going on between them at the time (A war Kitano had absolutely no idea even existed, from chapter 16). This fails and Suda is revealed for the demon that he is in front of the whole school in chapter 19, destroying his reputation and his nose (by Ryoko).
He is only seen again in chapter 84 with his reputation obvious ruined.
The Vice-President of the Student Body at Hekiku High. He has sworn loyalty to Suda. He knows of Suda’s evil nature, from chapter 15 when Suda used Soukyuu Park incident as a way to boost his reputation. Suda told him to scoop on Kitano while he didn’t want to do it himself. He is only seen again in chapter 84 with Suda, whose reputation is completely ruined.
Takashi Ogisu (荻須 高志, Ogisu Takashi)
He is the first transfer student after Kitano. He is a first-year student who sports a dyed-red hair and naturally large eye-whites. On his first day at Hekikuu High, he thought everyone in the town and the school was pathetic. He wanted to claim the title of guardian at Hekikuu High, conquer it, and then the whole town.
He studied many forms of martial arts, not just brawling. He calls himself the “Fighting Master". He claims that he never lost a fight in the area where he came from, though he lost to Kojima, Takehisa, Ryoko, and Kitano on his first day at Hekikuu High (chapter 22). The four losses left a serious blow to his self-confidence.
When Ogisu first meets Kitano, Kitano had seen blood on Ogisu (caused by Takahisa and Ryoko) and runs toward him, so he ends up scared and running away. He was sure that Kuroda is Hekikuu's guardian, and that Kitano is the number 2, and Kuroda told him that he could fight him only after he beats Takehisa and Kitano; although Ryoko makes him think that he defeated Kitano once, in the end he gets beaten up once again (chapter 23 to 25). Then he didn’t show up to class on his first three days of school. He ends up having the same class as Ryoko and Hirayama.
No matter how many times he is crushed, his spectacular willpower brings him back to his feet, burning for revenge.
After meeting Ikuno, he gets beaten up by her several times (chapters 31, 35, and 41).; then, out of humility, he decides to learn the secrets of the Koiso-style kobujutsu and joins the Koiso dojo (chapter 50-52, 57 and after).
At the end of the series, he realizes that he was still a powerful fighter, but was simply overshadowed by Kitano's invincible forces (chapter 84). Then he calls himself Hekikuu High no. 8.
In the end, he's the only one to respect Kuroda, and Kuroda uses him as his subordinate, hoping to use his strength to protect him whenever he's in trouble.
Ikuno Shirataki (白滝 幾奶, Shirataki Ikuno)
First seen in chapter 28, she is the beautiful daughter of Shirataki of the Delinquent Re-educators and heir of his seat. She has been taught by him since a very young age. Her strength is quite satisfactory and will never be threatened or lose her cool because of a frightening countenance. Her beauty, brown hair, and sailor uniform stand out on her first day of transfer. Even though she can get the Hekikuu High uniform, she chose not to. Because of her father’s work, it is a pain for her to keep buying new uniforms so she chose to stick to her old one (chapter 49).
Her father placed her in the class next to Kitano’s in the first-year area. When she encounters Kitano, she shook with fear because her internal instincts have acknowledged his strength and the most powerful man she have ever come across. To conquer her fear of Kitano, she attacks any “strong” students, including Ogisu, Kuroda and his two lackeys, and normal students (chapters 31 to 32).
Her mission was to beat up Kitano, but after being defeated by Ryoko (chapter 33), she becomes a part of their group. It is the very first time for her to be able to talk to people normally without anyone fearing her, even after her first days of school at Hekikuu High, when she knocked out a lot of male students. She likes Hekikuu High. Everyone treats her like a normal person, when before she was always feared and shunned. Even though those beatings were never solved, it seems like everyone can tell it was her who did them. And yet they still treat her normally. They are not trying to suck up, they are not afraid. It’s like she never did anything at all. It was the first for her. At all of the schools she went to before, she was the object of everyone’s fears. They all avoided her. They pretended like she didn’t even exist. It was the same with Kitano until the confession.
At first she is cold and uncaring, which is strictly true, but after knowing Kitano, and his gang, she gradually became softer and accepting (results start to show from chapter 49) though her facial expression remains emotionless. But she slightly blushed at the word “friends” in chapter 72 and smiled in chapter 73. That doesn't mean she isn't ready to fight everyone or anyone at any time. Deep down, she unconsciously beats up the delinquents picking on people, thinking that it was just a slip of the hand (chapter 71). She is still interested in fighting - and later actually ends up fighting - Kitano because of his abilities (chapters 72 to 74).
When Kitano got suspended in chapter 46, she told her father she doesn’t want to leave, a first for him.
It isn’t noticeable but she has feelings for Kitano. She confessed in chapter 73 that she loves him. Even Leo stated that she thinks of him as more than a friend (chapter 75). She says once Kitano and Ryoko get married, she'll be his mistress (chapter 82).
After a while, she starts calling Kitano by his first name.
Her father and she moved into the infamous haunted house in chapter 80. What a surprise who the ghost really is.
She also bears a striking resemblance to Clare, the protagonist of Claymore in both personality and physical appearance.


Principal Voiced by: Takaya Hashi
He tries any methods to get Kitano out of his school, from the special guidance counselors to suspension, and as far as trying to get him expelled from Hekikuu High. After Kitano's expulsion was lifted in chapter 48, the Principal is never seen messing with Kitano again.
Shiraishi Voiced by: Hisashi Izumi
Shiraishi is the first person at Hekikuu High who doesn't think of Kitano as a delinquent but as a kind person (even with a face of evil).
The teacher in charge of Ryoko’s class and the advisor for the karate club.
One of the normal guidance counselors at Hekikuu High.
One of the normal guidance counselors at Hekikuu High.

Hakuun High School[edit]

Takeshi Kojima Voiced by: Kazuhiro Nakata
Kojima is the boss of Hakuun High. He used to practice boxing a long time ago. He has never lost a fist fight, except against Kitano in chapter 6. In chapter 84, he is seen talking to Katayama, acknowledging Kitano’s fighting skills.
He is Hakuun High's number 2, one level below Kojima.


The guidance counselor of Hakuun High.

Hirin High School[edit]

The school is smack right in the center of town and whose student body is made up of about 90% delinquents.

He is the boss of Hirin High. Because of what happened to Shioda in chapter 81, he fought Kitano in chapter 84 for revenge. Rumors have it that he is way tougher than even Kojima. The scar on his face is supposedly from this one time that he fought a yakuza man-to-man and never steeped down. He got beaten by Kitano’s double palm strike.
He is as persistent and sneaky as a snake. No matter how hard he is defeated, he will come back the next day for a rematch. He doesn't think of losing a fight a loss. He just thinks the fight still goes on until he wins. He doesn't care how he wins, as long as it is a win. He will use any method possible to defeat his opponents. He will even try to attack them with a pointed rod from behind. If someone starts to mess with him, he won't give them the time of day to rest until he completely crushes them. He was first seen in chapter 8.
When Ryoko beats him in chapter 8, he came back in chapter 9 to get revenge. He doesn't care that she is a girl. But he got defeated again in chapter 10. Unbeknownst to Kitano and Ryoko in chapter 12, Katayama was listening to them. He finds out that Kitano is a fake and injures Ryoko's right leg for another revenge. Kitano uses his willpower to beat him.
He didn’t participate in the battle against Hekikuu High in chapter 84 because he knows of Kitano’s fighting abilities.
He was Takehisa’s senpai in middle school. He asked Takehisa in chapter 81 to help him fight Kitano but in retaliation, got beaten up by Takehisa.

Delinquent Re-educators[edit]

They are known as special guidance counselors, but in truth they are the underside of the Education Committee, pummeling thugs who are beyond saving. Therefore, they are also called the Shadowy Seven, but after Shirataki’s defeat/retirement they’re now the Shadowy Six.

He is the first of the seven guidance counselor seen in chapter 7. He came to Hekikuu High School as an expert in dealing with delinquents. He used to be a delinquent and was called "The Tiger of Hekikuu". Witnesses saw Kitano push him out the window, though in reality, he didn’t. Irie left by the end of the chapter.
He is the most warrior-like of the seven. He is at least 2 meters tall (about 6 feet 6.74 inches, 78.74 inches, or 200 centimeters) and wears a karate uniform. He becomes the gym teacher for Kitano’s class in chapter 20 and tries to kick him unconscious, though Kitano manages to dodge his attacks and beats him. His weakness is that he relies too much on his prowess, the headlong and reckless type. When he uses those incredible moves of his, he can instill terror in his opponents, but when he misses, he actually gives his target a chance to counterattack. He excels in physical size, strength, and fighting sense but if he fought Ikuno, according to her father, she would win. Though he looks like that, he is not entirely young but close to Shirataki’s age.
The third special guidance counselor dispatched from the Education Committee to deal with Kitano. He plans to retire because this type of work is not encouraged with old age. Instead, his daughter, Ikuno, will be taking his place. He is supposedly Kumagai’s equal in fighting. Though he acts nice, he is actually a very cunning and merciless opponent. When the difference in strength is clear, he can seem almost kind in his ways. But against a strong person, he may be forced to show his true personality. He will use any means necessary to crush the enemy when that happens. If he is against a boy like Kitano, who cannot be beaten easily, he will be thoroughly destroyed (chapter 34). After chapter 34, he became a normal counselor. He is a fair fighter who wouldn’t attack his opponents in their sleep. If he decides to attack, he will come head-on.
He is strong enough that, with the six other special guidance counselors combined, won’t be any match for him, except against Haruka.
He will destroy anyone who beats Ikuno. It will blemish his honor as a martial artist, otherwise. He is much stronger than her. The only things that bonded them as father and daughter are strength and battle, nothing else.
After his defeat against Kitano in chapter 34, he came back again in chapter 39 for the parent-teacher conference.
As of chapter 42, he became the official Head Guidance Counselor at Hekikuu High.
Haruka Hishida
First seen in chapter 43, she is the Special Education Committee member who is dispatched to take Shirataki’s place. She does her work with nothing but absolute pure concern over her students. Even with good intentions and the right actions, she can still cause terrible results. And she has the special ability to always make the other person’s situation far, far worse than what it used to be. Everything she does for someone ends up backfiring. Whoever she deals with is only going to meet with misfortune. It’s just in her nature. Shirataki’s natural enemy.
At first, she tries to rehabilitate Kitano but later finds out about his true nature. Her way of think changed afterwards. She cleared Kitano of his charges and left the school in chapter 48.
She has a poor sense of direction and has no training in martial arts. She is also clumsy and faints at the sign of blood and Kitano.
She is last seen in chapter 84 as the new teacher at Hekikuu High.
The other three members of the seven/six were never introduced during the series run.

Kitano's Parents[edit]

Ryuichiro Kitano (北野 隆一郎, Kitano Ryūichirō)
First seen in chapter 21, Kitano's father is an ordinary office worker, he has slicked back hair, small irises, and non-existent eyebrows much like his son. A key difference with his son is that he is tall, has an extremely large build, and is shown to be extremely muscular. Due to his appearance and his non-understandable shrieking it has led many people to think he is a yakuza. The same if he wears sunglasses because, just like his son, when the sunlight is too strong for his small irises, he will squint.
Behind his fearsome, powerful looks lies a very kind-hearted man. He is a regular old salary man who has trouble flagging down taxis.
In his school days 18 years ago, it is revealed that he too was the unknowing guardian of a high school called the Devil Guardian. Due to his large build and scary face, delinquents thought that he would be good material for their gangs. After finding out that he was a gentle giant, the gangs tried to beat him up only to end up hurting themselves. It was there, on one of those days, that he met Midori, his future wife (chapters 76 to 78). He fell in love with her at first sight.
His fighting style is in an extreme contrast with his son. While Kitano relies on his inhuman speed and reflexes, his father relies on his inhuman endurance. Anything used as a weapon albeit: fist, leg, or wooden sword they end up broken just from striking his body leading him to beat multiple gangs without lifting a finger (chapter 76). However when he did get the will to fight, his fighting style changed from his usual “stand and take it” style to a style where he moved at speeds far surpassing his son appearing to everyone around as if he disappeared and reappeared in comparison to his son's 'blur (chapter 78). Also similar to his son, he defeated his opponents with a signature technique, his being instead of a two-handed palm strike a simple slap utilizing his great strength (chapter 78).
He doesn’t fight back because it hurts to be punched, so he just tries not to feel it. For some reason, people just like to hit and kick him all the time and when they do that, it does hurt. He knows how much it hurts to be punched so he doesn’t do it to others (chapter 77).
Midori Kitano (北野 みどり, Kitano Midori)
She is Kitano's mother. She married Ryuichiro Kitano. Her maiden name is "Midori Asai" (浅井みどり). Her appearance is similar to Sadako, but she is actually a very sunny and devoted wife and mother. There is something about her almost frighteningly beautiful looks and gentle personality that connects with Kitano. She is still surrounded with mystery. She is first seen in chapter 21. She is seen again in chapter 63 to 64. She first met Ryuichiro 18 years ago in chapters 76 to 78 and fell in love with him at first sight. She asked him to beat up her cousin, Chuji, to have him come to his senses. She left Chuji for Ryuichiro.

Ryoko’s Parents[edit]

Heizo Koiso
He is Ryoko’s father. He taught her the Koiso-style kobujutsu from a very young age. He is seen sparring with her since meeting Kitano but his name wasn’t revealed until chapter 36. He doesn’t take in students to learn the Koiso-style kobujutsu. He was initially surprised by the type of friends Ryoko brought home in chapter 36 – a bunch of hooligans with no manners or respect. He was initially against a scary guy like Kitano being near Ryoko. He gets really angry when he hasn’t had breakfast.
He is really tall and has a large frame, plus a moustache and a temper. When he came to watch Ryoko’s class in elementary school, everyone would scream about yakuza.
Mrs. Koiso
Ryoko’s deceased mother. While she was still alive, she used to braid Ryoko’s hair.

The Halford Family[edit]

Papa Halford
It has been 20 years since he moved to Japan. Finally, in chapter 66, this family man has bought himself a home of his own, which is coincidentally across the street from Kitano’s. He is an American born with a Japanese wife and two kids. But his Japanese is still a bit rusty. Even after 20 years, he still can’t use chopsticks or read Japanese.
Mama Halford
Introduced in chapter 66, she is the Japanese woman who married Papa Halford. She is the only one in the family who has black hair. She hides her discontent behind a smile, especially with Papa Halford’s behavior.
Leo Halford (レオ·ハルフォード, Reo Harufōdo)
Introduced in chapter 66, he is first son of Halford family. He is half-Japanese but can’t speak English. He is an upbeat, cheerful young boy who loves his sister. He is currently in his last year of middle school. He easily made friends soon after moving. He seriously believes that Kitano is the devil. He fell in love with Ikuno in chapter 72. He asks her to fight Kitano, which she agrees on (chapters 72 to 74). In the end, he gave up. He stated in chapter 75 that he will get stronger enough to protect her.
Sana Halford (サナ·ハルフォード, Sana Harufodo)
Introduced in chapter 66, she is Leo's little sister. Although she is half-Japanese, she can’t speak English. She is currently starting middle school. She is afraid of the Devil (Kitano) living across from her new home. What started out as a simple return of money by Kitano, ends up being a chase to a bridge under construction. After falling down a hole, they end up being stuck together for quite some time. Papa Halford ends up getting trapped down there with them (chapters 68 to 70). After spending a long time alone with him, and she ends up discovering his true nature, though she still calls him Devil.


Kiyomi Kaburagi
Introduced in chapter 54, she is the president of the Photography Club at a high school near Hekikuu High. She seeks to capture the theme of “evil” on film, by pursuing Kitano. She will go as far as infiltrating Hekikuu High (chapter 55 to 57) and when he was on his morning jog (chapter 58). She burns with a passion for photographing the highest levels of violence (chapter 59). She used the photo to persuade Ryoko, Hirayama, and Ikuno that Kitano was evil but it backfired (chapter 60) so she went to fight him. Somehow she knew where Kitano would dodge to every time. After spying on him, she learns that he is not really that evil and stops going after him (chapter 62). It is hinted in chapter 62 that she has a small crush for Kitano. She is seen again in chapter 82 and even meets Leo and Sana.
He is a member of the Photography Club at the same school as Kaburagi and currently has a crush on her.
He is a member of the Photography Club at the same school as Kaburagi. He has a handsome face and knows girls in the schools nearby.
He is a member of the Photography Club at the same school as Kaburagi. He has a father, a mother, a little sister, and a puppy.
Chuji Asai
He is only seen 18 years ago in chapters 76 to 78. He is Midori’s cousin at Sakufu High School. He used to protect Midori when she got picked on. But eventually, he noticed that he never lost those fights and slowly began to get into fights so he could test that strength. Eventually, he controlled the largest high school of thugs in the entire prefecture. All the boys he controlled followed him because they were terrified of his power. He’s surrounded by all those people, but none of them are his friends. So Midori tries to stay with him and keep him company. But eventually, she disappeared within his heart. Ryuichiro beats him with only one slap.


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On Anime News Network, Justin Sevakis calls the OVA "easily one of my top 10 anime comedies of all time."[16]


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