Angel Devlin

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Angel Devlin
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceShowcase #73 (April 1968)
Created bySteve Ditko (writer & artist)
In-story information
Alter egoAngel Devlin

Angel Devlin is a supervillain that appears in comic books published by DC Comics as an enemy of the Superhero the Creeper. The character was created by writer and artist Steve Ditko.

Publication history[edit]

Angel Devlin was created by writer and artist Steve Ditko; first appearing in Showcase #73 (April 1968), and is an enemy of the creeper fitting into his origin.[1]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Angel Devlin was a charismatic gangster in the criminal underworld who got involved with communist spies and made a deal with them, find and capture the brilliant Professor Yatz, about to turn him over to them for shipping back to the Soviet Union for money. Since the place where Yatz is being held is throwing a costume party to throw off suspicion it was hard to find them, but Jack Ryder who was employed by Bill Brane, the head of a security company to protect Yatz' managed to track Yatz's movements to their whereabouts and buys a costume made of yellow fabric, including a green wig and a red sheepskin "cape" for disguise. He manages to find Yatz being held by Angel and his men and a fight breaks out; Jack tries to take the Professor with him' but not before getting cut in the stomach by a knife. Yatz heals his wound with a special formula of his devising, and plants in the wound an activator, whose button the costumed Ryder has in his hand. The activator allows Ryder the ability to dematerialize or rematerialize his costume at the twist of a dial. The professor's formula also energizes him physically, giving him superhuman attributes in the process. Yatz is shot dead soon after, but Ryder, in costume, defeats the Angel and his hoods including the spies that helped them. Even though he brought them to justice, in the process, he is branded falsely as a crook by the arriving police, and from then on becomes wanted by both the police and the criminal underworld under the name of "the Creeper". Angel Devlin isn't seen again after that.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Angel Devlin had no special powers, except basic hand-to-hand combat skills and knowing how to use a gun.


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