Angel of Babylon

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Angel of Babylon
Angel of Babylon cover.jpg
Studio album by Avantasia
Released April 3, 2010
Recorded May 2008-Early 2010 at Gatesudio, Wolfsburg
Vox-Klangstudio, Bendestorf
Genre Power metal, progressive metal, symphonic metal, hard rock
Length 58:59
Label Nuclear Blast, Fearless, Bodog
Producer Sascha Paeth & Tobias Sammet
Avantasia chronology
The Scarecrow
The Wicked Symphony/Angel of Babylon
The Mystery of Time

Angel of Babylon is the fifth full-length album by Tobias Sammet's rock opera project Avantasia, released on April 3, 2010, along with The Wicked Symphony. Angel Of Babylon was released both as part of a box set, with the two albums combined and as an individual album.[1] It is the third and final part of "The Wicked Trilogy".

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Tobias Sammet, except "Symphony of Life", written by Sascha Paeth

No. Title Guest Vocalist Length
1. "Stargazers"   Jørn Lande, Russell Allen, Michael Kiske, Oliver Hartmann 9:31
2. "Angel of Babylon"   Lande 5:28
3. "Your Love Is Evil"     3:55
4. "Death Is Just a Feeling"   Jon Oliva 5:24
5. "Rat Race"   Lande 4:07
6. "Down in the Dark"   Lande 4:25
7. "Blowing out the Flame"     4:50
8. "Symphony of Life"   Cloudy Yang 4:31
9. "Alone I Remember"   Lande 4:46
10. "Promised Land"   Lande 4:50
11. "Journey to Arcadia"   Allen, Bob Catley 7:12
Total length:







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