Angel on the Amazon

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Angel on the Amazon
Angel on the Amazon.jpg
Directed by John H. Auer
Produced by John H. Auer
Written by Earl Felton
Lawrence Kimble
Starring George Brent
Vera Ralston
Brian Aherne
Constance Bennett
Music by Nathan Scott
Cinematography Reggie Lanning
Edited by Richard L. Van Enger
Republic Pictures
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release date
  • November 1, 1948 (1948-11-01) (United States)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Angel on the Amazon is a 1948 American adventure film directed by John H. Auer and starring George Brent, Vera Ralston and Brian Aherne.[1] It is also known by the alternative title Drums Along the Amazon.

Plot summary[edit]

After a plane crashes in the Amazonian jungle, its passengers are rescued by a mysterious young woman. They include pilot Jim Warburton, who is fascinated by the woman, Christine Ridgeway, as well as relieved when she and guide Paulo steer him and Karen, a doctor, away from the jungle and its threatening war drums.

Upon reaching Rio de Janeiro safely, Jim and Karen are surprised to encounter Christine again, then shocked when the sight of a strange man causes her to panic. Jim eventually follows the man, who identifies himself as Don Sebastian Ortega and tells a strange tale of how Christine's mother once shot a panther, then killed herself. Christine's father then left her behind.

Jim returns to the United States and finds Anthony Ridgeway, who reveals that Christine is not his daughter but his wife. Jim also eventually learns that Christine has become committed to a sanitarium, where she is now under Karen's care.



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