Angel with an Attitude

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Angel with an Attitude
Angel with an Attitude - Samantha Fox album cover.jpg
Studio album by Samantha Fox
Released 18 October 2005 (2005-10-18)
Genre Rock, Electronica, Dance
Length 51:22
Label La Chappelle, Fox
Producer Samantha Fox, et al
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21st Century Fox
Angel with an Attitude
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Angel with an Attitude is the sixth studio album released by British recording artist Samantha Fox.

Album information[edit]

Angel with an Attitude was Fox's first studio album in seven years, following 1998's 21st Century Fox. Fox wrote "Angel With An Attitude" after a trying court case with her father, Patrick Fox, who had embezzled over £1 million from her accounts. Fox describes the title track as one of the deepest songs she ever wrote.[1]

Fox's new manager, Myra Stratton, encouraged her take a two-year break from music during which time Fox wrote the rest of the album, gaining inspiration from her and Stratton's growing relationship.[2] In the course of working on her autobiography, Fox realized that she had crossed an important chapter in her life, and began to commit her life stories to verse.[3] According to Fox the lyrics "show my weakness, joy, moments of total euphoria, but also sadness. These words simply flowed from my heart."[4] The songs reflect her despondency over past troubles as well as her ambition to overcome.[5] The work was a progression from her earlier, less serious recordings as Fox sought to apply her experiences as a mature woman to the album.[5] As a result, she says, this album comes the closest to reflecting who she really is.[3]

Fox describes the album as a "blend of rock with electronic sounds." [4] She recorded it in Montreal for Canadian label La Chapelle.[6]

To promote the album, Fox filmed a music video for title track in Montreal. The clip features Fox dressed as an angel in a church. The video debuted on Canadian music channel MusiMax.[7]

The album includes a bonus track called "Time", a UK garage song produced by EEDB that features The Flirtations. This number was originally released without Fox's vocals in 2003.[8]

The album was released on CD in Australia & New Zealand in 2007 with a remix of Fox's 1986 hit "Touch Me" added as another bonus. This version became available to download internationally in February 2009.[5][9]

On 28 January 2009 Fox digitally released a collection of five remixes from the album.[10]

Track listings[edit]

Angel With An Attitude
No. Title Music Length
1. "Angel With An Attitude" Fox, Myra Stratton 3:23
2. "To Be Heard" Stratton, Fox 3:58
3. "Destined To Be" Butcher, Harrington, Fox, 3:50
4. "I Give Myself To You" Hammon, Bruce Elliott-Smith, Decio, Fox, 3:50
5. "The Power" Fox, Stratton 3:51
6. "You And Me" Fox, Stratton 3:35
7. "Threw Our Love Away" Bonacchi, Fox 3:24
8. "Move Me" Butcher, Fox, Harrington 4:29
9. "Breathe" Samantha Fox, Larry Lush, Wayne Frost, Stratton 5:18
10. "Nice And Slow" Fox, Andrew Galea, Elliott-Smith, Lush, Phil Larsen 3:29
11. "Cause An Effect" Fox, Stratton 3:08
12. "Dreams Unfold" Fox, Greene, McLaughlin 3:22
13. "Time" (featuring The Flirtations) (Bonus) EEDB, Fox, Bielig, Ellis 4:29
14. "Touch Me 2007" (Bonus) Santiago Cortes 3:55
Angel With An Attitude Remixes EP
No. Title Music Length
1. "Angel with an Attitude" (Extended remix) Fox, Stratton 5:21
2. "I Give Myself to You" (Pete Hammond remix) Hammon, Elliott-Smith, Decio, Fox, 5:11
3. "You and Me" (Extended remix) Fox, Stratton 8:51
4. "To Be Heard" (Extended remix) Stratton, Fox 7:38
5. "Nice and Slow" (Extended remix) Fox, Galea, Elliott-Smith, Lush, Larsen 9:00


  • Joe Barrucco – synthesizer, arranger, vocals, producer, engineer, mixing, instrumentation
  • Eli Batalion – synthesizer, bass, guitar, piano
  • Michelle Burraine – vocals
  • Eric Cóté – graphic design
  • Natalie Cummings – vocals
  • Samantha Fox – producer
  • Joe Barrucco - producer


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