Angela (1978 film)

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Directed by Boris Sagal
Written by Charles E. Israel
Starring Sophia Loren
Steve Railsback
John Vernon
John Huston
Music by Henry Mancini
Cinematography Marc Champion
Edited by Yves Langlois
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
April 19, 1978
Running time
91 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Angela is a 1978 Canadian drama film directed by Boris Sagal. It stars Sophia Loren and Steve Railsback.[1]


A war vet finds out that a former prostitute had his baby. Doubting it's his, he gives it away, so she reports him. 20 years later, she still wants to find her son. She meets a young man and falls in love, but the vet's prison term ends.



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