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'Smoke spheres 2-4' by Bulloch in the Hayward Gallery, London

Angela Bulloch (born 1966 in Rainy River, Ontario, Canada), is an artist who often works with sound and installation; she is recognised as one of the Young British Artists.[1] Bulloch lives and works in Berlin.[2]

Life and career[edit]

Bulloch studied at Goldsmiths' College, London (1985–1988).[1] She was included in the Freeze Exhibition in 1988 and was established as one of the Young British Artists.[1] On reflecting on being a Young British Artist, Bulloch said "When I was 22, it was important for me. It was helpful in terms of managing media responses to my work because whenever I mentioned this little label, everyone was like, “Oh yeah, YBA”. But they were just talking about a media generated label, instead of the actual work. It's easier, isn't it? It's for lazy journalists."[3] In 1989 she won the Whitechapel Artists' Award.[4]

Bulloch undertook a two-month residency at ARCUS- project in Moriya, Japan in 1994.[4] She was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1997, part of an all-female shortlist that also included Cornelia Parker, Christine Borland and Gillian Wearing (who won the prize that year).[5] For the Turner Prize exhibition, Bulloch exhibited her playful artwork called Rules Series.[5] In 2005, she was nominated for the Preis der Nationalgalerie für junge Kunst.[6]

In 2002 Bulloch was awarded the ASEF (Asia-Europe Foundation) Cultural Grant.[4] Between 2001 and 2003 she undertook a guest professorship of sculpture at the Akademie für Bildende Künste, Vienna.[4]

'Pacific Rim Around & Sideways Up' by Bulloch installed on the Nord/LB building, Friedrichswall, Hanover

Within her art, Bullock plays with the boundaries of mathematics and aesthetics.[1] She has a particular interest in instructions and rules, especially in the context of technology.[6] She is an ambiguous multi-disciplinary artist and has worked in multiple media, including video, installation, sculpture, painting.[7] In particular, she has used video, animation, sound and light to explore pre-edited systems.[8] Bulloch is recognised for her 'Pixel Boxes' originally constructed using beech wood and a plastic front screen and later with materials such as copper, aluminium or corian.[1] The boxes use different lights and colours to create a variety of abstract patterns.[1] Many of her works make use of biofeedback systems, such as in her 1994 work Betaville, a 'Drawing Machine' painting vertical and horizontal stripes on a wall, was triggered whenever someone sat on the bench in front of it.[9] Bulloch has also made a number of works using Belisha beacons, which are more commonly used to illuminate pedestrian crossings.[10] More recently, Bullock's Stacks are unique structures made of compiled rhomboids which play with light and colour to create optical effects.[1] Bullock's art commonly relies on the interpretation of the viewer, with its meaning being determined by their subjectivity.[11] A lot of her light and music works are developed using technology Bulloch has created herself.[12]

Bulloch is a fan of music and performs live.[3] She is also the owner of the record label LBCDLP.[3] Music is often incorporated into her art in a variety of ways such as light instillations that respond to a musical score.[3]

Since 2018 Bulloch is a professor of Time-Based Media at HFBK Hamburg.[12]


Bulloch exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in 1997.[13] Other museum exhibitions include Kunsthaus Glarus (2001);[14] Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (2003);[15] Le Consortium, Dijon (2005);[16] Modern Art Oxford, Vienna Secession, and The Power Plant, Toronto (2005); and Lenbachhaus, Munich (2008).[17] Her work was also included in notable group exhibitions such as The New Decor at Hayward Gallery, London; Colour Chart: Reinventing Colour 1950 to Today at Tate Liverpool and Museum of Modern Art, New York; and Theanyspacewhatever for which she created an installation for the ceiling of Frank Lloyd Wright's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.[18]

Selected solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Angela Bulloch: "...then nothing turned itself inside-out and became something", Simon Lee Gallery, New York, USA (2019)[1]
  • Anima Vectorias, MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal (2019)[19]
  • Heavy Metal Stack of Six, Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal (2019)[19]
  • Angela Bulloch, Omi International Arts Center, The Fields Sculpture Park, Ghent, New York (2017)[19]
  • Large Blue Music Listening Station, artgenève Salon d'Art, Geneva, Switzerland (2017)[19]
  • Euclid in Europe, Cristina Guerra Contemporary, Lisbon, Portugal (2017)[20]
  • Heavy Metal Body, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany (2017)[20]
  • Considering Dynamics & The Forms of Chaos, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (2016)[19]
  • Angela Bulloch: One Way Conversation, Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong (2016)[1]
  • Space Fiction Object, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland (2016)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch: New Wave Digits, Simon Lee Gallery, London, UK (2015)[1]
  • Topology: No Holes, Four Tails, Mary Boone Gallery, New York, USA (2015)[20]
  • Archetypes and Totem Antidotes, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels, Belgium (2015)[20]
  • In Virtual Virto, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany (2014)[20]
  • Pentagon Principle, Galería Helga De Alvear, Madrid, Spain (2014)[20]
  • Universal Pixels and Music Listening Stations, Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna, Austria (2014)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch: UNIVERSAL MINERAL, Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong (2013)[1]
  • Short Big Drama, Witte de With, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2012)[19]
  • ABCDLP 002- Short Big Dramaby George van Dam for Short Big Yellow Drawing Machine by Angela Bulloch, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany (2012)[20]
  • Time & Line, Städtische Galerie, Wolfsburg, Germany (2011)[19]
  • Information, Manifesto, Rules And Other Leaks…, Vattenfall Contemporary Art Prize, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin (2011)[19]
  • Angela Bulloch: Discrete Manifold Whatsoever, Simon Lee Gallery, London, UK (2010)[1]
  • Molecular Etwas von Angela Bulloch, Kunst Werke Berlin, Germany (2010)[20]
  • Redux, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany (2010)[20]
  • X Wohnungen Hilbrow, Johennesburg, South Africa (2010)[20]
  • Smoked, Formed & Quatered, Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid, Spain (2009)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch, Trajectories and Other Lines, Cristina Guerra Contemporary, Lisbon, Portugal (2009)[20]
  • Riley Optimism, Air de Paris, Paris, France (2009)[20]
  • Galerie Kreo, Paris, France (2009)[20]
  • The Space that Time Forgot, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany (2008)[19]
  • Zhang Jiang Public Art Project, Shanghai, China (2008)[20]
  • V., Galeria Eva Presenhuber, Zürich, Switzerland (2008)[20]
  • X Wohnungen Neukölln (with Michael Iber), Gropiusstdadt Neukölln, Germany (2008)[20]
  • Repeat Refrain, Enel Contemporanea, Ara Pacis, Rome, Italy (2017)[20]
  • Are you coming or going, around?, Esther Schipper, Berlin, Germany (2017)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada (2006)[19]
  • De Pont Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst, Tilburg, The Netherlands (2006)[20]
  • We Are Medi(eval) (with Liam Gillick), Cubitt Artists, London, England (2006)[20]
  • Yuko Gothic Grid, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp, Belgium (2006)[20]
  • Vehicles, Le Consortium, Dijon, France (2005)[19]
  • Angela Bulloch, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK (2005)[19]
  • To the Power of 4., Secession, Vienna, Austria (2005)[19]
  • The Missing 13th, Galerĺa Helga de Alvear, Madrid Spain (2005)[20]
  • Antimatter, Galeria Eva Presenhuber, Zürich, Switzerland (2004)[20]
  • Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna, Austria (2004)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch/ Matrix 206. Macromatrix: For Your Pleasure, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkley, California, USA (2003)[20]
  • New Work 8: Angela Bulloch, World Reflections, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado, USA (2003)[20]
  • Disco Floor Bootleg: 4, Medienturm Graz, Graz, Austria (2003)[20]
  • Search and Arrest, Y8 International Sivananda Yoga Center, Hamburg, Germany (2002)[20]
  • Micro World, 1301 PE Brian D. Butler, Santa Monica, California, USA (2002)[20]
  • Macro World: One Hour³ and Canned, Schipper & Krome, Berlin, Germany (2002)[20]
  • Chain, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Atwerp, Belgium (2002)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch, Z-Point, Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland (2002)[19]
  • Institute of Visual Culture, Cambridge, England (2002)[20]
  • Matrix, Magnani, London, England (2001)[20]
  • Z Point, Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland (2001)[20]
  • Prototypes, Hauser & Wirth & Presenhuber, Zürich, Switzerland (2000)[20]
  • BLOW-UP T.V., Schipper & Krome, Berlin, Germany (2000)[20]
  • From the Eiffel Tower to Riesenrad, Gelerie Kerstin Engholm, Vienna, Austria (2000)[20]
  • Headless with Legs + Tripping, 1301 PE, Los Angeles, California (2000)[20]
  • Angela Bulloch & Sylvie Fleury, Medhi Chouakri, Berlin, Germany (1999)[20]
  • Codes, Schipper & Krome, Berlin, Germany (1998)[20]
  • Superstructure, Museum für Gegenwartkunst, Zürich, Switzerland (1998)[20]
  • Sounds Off, Robert Prime Gallery, London, England (1998)[20]
  • Vehicles, Le Consortium- Centre d'Art Contemporain, Dijon, France (1997)[20]
  • Soundbank, Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Germany (1997)[20]
  • Galerie Walcheturm, Zürich, Switzerland (1996)[20]
  • Robert Prime Gallery, London, England (1996)[20]
  • Mudslinger, Schipper & Krome, Cologne, Germany (1995)[20]
  • From the Clink to Panorama Island, PADT, London, England (1995)[20]
  • Marc Foxx Gallery with 1301/ Brian Butler, Santa Monica, California, USA (1995)[20]
  • Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany (1994)[20]
  • FRAC, Languedoc- Roussillon; Aldebaran, Baillargues, France (1994)[20]
  • Centre Pour la Crėation Contemporaine Tours, France (1993)[20]
  • Rules Series, Esther Schipper and Friesenwall 116a, Cologne, Germany (1993)[20]
  • 1301, Santica Monica, California (1993)[20]
  • The Art of Survival/ Baby Doll Saloon with Sylvie Fleury, Laurie Genillard, London, England (1993)[20]
  • Esther Schipper, Cologne, Germany (1992)[20]
  • Galleria Locus Solus, Genoa, Italy (1992)[20]
  • Le Case d'Arte, Milan, Italy (1991)[20]
  • Interim Art, London, England (1990)[20]
  • APAC Centre d'Art Contemporain, Nevers, France (1990)[20]
  • Galerie Claire Burrus, Paris, France (1990)[20]
  • Esther Schipper, Cologne, Germany (1990)[20]

Selected group exhibitions[edit]

  • Bulloch, Pryde: Sky, Rocks & Digits, Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong (2020–21)[1]
  • En Plein Air, Simon Lee Gallery, London, UK (2019)[1]
  • A Time Capsule, Works Made by Women for Parkett, 1984–2017, Parkett Exhibition Space, Zurich, Switzerland (2018)[19]
  • Double Lives. Visual Artists Making Music, mumok Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria (2018)[19]
  • Always Different. Always the Same, Bündner Kunstmuseum, Chur, Switzerland (2018)[19]
  • Metropolis, Simon Lee Gallery, New York, USA (2017)[1]
  • Mentally Yellow (High Noon), Kunstmuseum Bonn and Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany (2017)[19]
  • Ugo Rondinone: I <3 John Giorno, Howl!, New York, USA (2017)[19]
  • RULES, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich, Switzerland (2017)[19]
  • Fractured: Kathryn Andrews, Angela Bulloch, Bernard Frize, Louise Lawler, Daido Moriyama, John Stezaker, Christopher Wool, Toby Ziegler, Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong (2016)[1]
  • Development, Okayama Art Summit, Okayama, Japan (2016)[19]
  • Night in the Museum, Wakefield, Birmingham, Leicester, UK (2016)[19]
  • L’Almanach 16, Le Consortium, Dijon, France (2016)[19]
  • The Natural Order of Things, Fundacíon Jumex, Mexico City, Mexico (2016)[19]
  • Faux Amis, Simon Lee Gallery, London, UK (2015)[1]
  • Walk the Line, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany (2015)[19]
  • I Love John Giorno, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2015)[19]
  • 1984–1999 The Decade, Centre Pompidou-Metz, France (2015)[19]
  • Datascape. What You See is Not What You Get, LABoral, Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, Spain (2014)[19]
  • 8th Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Germany (2014)[19]
  • The Whole Earth, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany (2013)[19]
  • Das Neue Lenbachhaus, Lenbachhaus Kunstbau, Munich, Germany (2013)[19]
  • Turbulences, L’espace culturel, Louis Vuitton, Paris, France (2012)[19]
  • Un Nouveau Festival, 3e Edition, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France (2012)[19]
  • theanyspacewhatever, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA (2008)[19]


  • Canada Council, Visual Artist's Grant, Canada (2011)[19]
  • Kunstpreis der Stadt Wolfsburg – Junge Stadt sieht Junge Kunst, Germany (2011)[19]
  • Vattenfall Contemporary Art Prize, Germany (2011)[19]
  • Preis der Freunde der Nationalgalerie Nomination, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Germany (2005)[19]
  • Cultural Grant of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Singapore (2002)[19]
  • Turner Prize Nomination, Tate Britain, United Kingdom (1997)[19]
  • Artist Residency (two months), ARCUS Project, Japan (1994)[19]
  • Whitechapel Artist's Award, United Kingdom (1989)[19]


Bulloch was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1997[21] and for the Preis der Nationalgalerie für junge Kunst in 2005.[22]


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