Angela Duckworth

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Angela Duckworth
Duckworth 2013 hi-res-download1 1.jpg
Duckworth in 2013
Nationality American
Fields Psychology
Alma mater Harvard College
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania
Notable awards MacArthur Fellowship

Angela Lee Duckworth (born 1970) is an American psychologist and popular science author. She won a 2013 MacArthur Fellowship.[1] She is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She's also the Founder and Scientific Director of an educational nonprofit called Character Lab. Her lab studies grit and self-control.


Duckworth earned an A.B. in neurobiology at Harvard College in 1992. She then graduated at the University of Oxford in 1996 with an M.Sc. in neuroscience on a Marshall Scholarship, and at the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 with a Ph.D. in psychology.[1][2]

Her first book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, was released in May 2016.[3] A review of this book in the New York Times called Duckworth "the psychologist who has made 'grit' the reigning buzzword in education-policy circles."[4]


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