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Angela Ismailos is the director of the documentary Great Directors (2010).[1]


Angela Ismailos is a Greek-born director, actor, and writer. She directed and produced Great Directors, a film that features interviews and archival footage of ten great living film directors of independent cinema.[2] Ismailos gives in-depth interviews with Bernardo Bertolucci, Catherine Breillat, Liliana Cavani, Stephen Frears, Todd Haynes, Richard Linklater, Ken Loach, David Lynch, John Sayles, and Agnes Varda.[1] Ismailos studied law and has a master's degree in political science. She is classically trained as an actor and opera singer and began directing plays at a very early age.[3] Ismailos lives and works in New York City [4] and is currently preparing her next feature film, The City of A Dead Woman.