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Angela Cassidy Raymond
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed byNina Arvesen
First appearanceEpisode
July 23, 1991
Last appearanceEpisode
January 15, 1993
Created byBridget and Jerome Dobson
OccupationGallery Commissioner & The Santa Barbara Bulletin

Angela Cassidy Raymond is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. She was portrayed by American actress Nina Arvesen from July 23, 1991 to January 15, 1993.[1][2][3]

Angela Cassidy Raymond was originally introduced as the wife of Judge David Raymond. Angela and David's marriage was on the rocks because of a deep dark secret from the past about her sister Marilyn's death. David put a strain on their relationship because he became deeply involved in the criminal underworld in organized crime...Angela soon discovered her husband David was drawn into the criminal world of corruption...The fairy tale romance and marriage of Angela and David ended in a divorce,but when her fairy tale lifestyle is abruptly ended, she has to learn to start all over again with nothing but her secret former life. David later disappeared without a trace when he discovered that law enforcement across the country was looking for him.

Angela has a premonition of her ex-husband surrounded by a sinister group of men...Angela is haunted by the nightmares over her ex-husband disappearance and her sister Marilyn's death. A few months later Angela and Warren Lockridge crossed paths again with each other. Angela also offered Warren a job at The Santa Barbara Bulletin...Angela and Warren enter into a very complicated affair with each other.


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