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Angela Rosenthal
The cover of Rosenthal's first book: Angelika Kauffmann: Bildnismalerei im 18. Jahrhundert, 1996.
The cover of Rosenthal's masterwork, Angelica Kauffman: Art and sensibility, 2006.

Angela H. Rosenthal (12 September 1963-11 November 2010) was an art historian at Dartmouth College and an expert on the art of Angelica Kauffman. Her masterwork was Angelica Kauffman: Art and sensibility, published by Yale University Press in 2006 which won the Historians of British Art Book Award in the pre-1800 category in 2007.

Early life and family[edit]

Angela Rosenthal was born in Trier, Germany, to Peter and Anne Rosenthal. She had a sister, Felicia Rosenthal, who also became a professor. Rosenthal attended the University of Trier. She married Adrian Randolph, also an art historian and professor at Dartmouth College.[1]


Rosenthal taught at the Staatsgalerie Saarbrucken and at Northwestern University[2] before joining Dartmouth College in 1997[3] where she was an associate professor of art history.[4] She edited a book of essays on William Hogarth and was an expert on the Austrian painter Angelica Kauffman about whom she produced several books, including her authoritative Angelica Kauffman: Art and sensibility that was published by Yale University Press in association with the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in 2006.[5] In 2007, that book won the Historians of British Art Book Award in the pre-1800 category.

Rosenthal also had an interest in the visual depiction of race and humour. In 2013, a book that Rosenthal had been editing at the time of her death with Agnes Lugo-Ortiz on slave portraits in the Atlantic world was published,[6] and in 2015, an edited work on humour in the visual arts was completed by her husband Adrian Randolph and published by the Dartmouth College Press.[7]


Rosenthal died from cancer at Dartmouth[8] on 11 November 2010.[9]

Selected publications[edit]

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