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Angela Tilby (born 1950)[1] is an author and Anglican priest, who is Canon Emeritus at Christ Church, Oxford.[2]

Before ordination Tilby spent 22 years as a producer within the BBC's Religious Department. She has made regular appearances on television and radio, including Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Four.[3] She has also appeared on The Brains Trust when the programme was presented by Joan Bakewell. In February 2013, Tilby began writing a regular column for the Church Times.[4]

Until 2011 she was the vicar of St Benet's Church in Cambridge; prior to this she served as honorary priest of St John the Evangelist church, Cambridge from 1997–2006.

At a service at St Paul's recognizing 10 years of women in the priesthood, Tilby's sermon stated that "Women priests have not unhinged the church."[5] Anthony Howard in an opinion piece in The Times stated that the sermon showed that Tilby "is the equal of, if not the superior to, most men currently sitting on the episcopal bench."[6]

Tilby was a tutor in Early Church History at Westcott House, Cambridge, having previously served as vice-principal. She has published a number of books, including The Seven Deadly Sins: their origin in the spiritual teaching of Evagrius the Hermit (ISBN 978-0281056323), Son of God (ISBN 978-0340786468; described by the Birmingham Post as having "rather too much speculation and not enough hard fact in Tilby's account it is still an engrossing read"[7]), Soul: God, Self and New Cosmology (ISBN 978-0385511254), Let There be Light: Praying with Genesis (ISBN 978-0232526738), and Everyday Prayer: Praying with the Church (ISBN 978-0281058785).


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