Angeles local elections, 2013

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Angeles local elections, 2013
← 2010 May 13, 2013 2016 →
Nominee Edgardo Pamintuan Sr. Carmelo Lazatin
Party PAK/ABE Lakas
Running mate Maria Vicenta Vega-Cabigting
Popular vote 59,504 45,535
Percentage 54.80 41.94

Mayor before election

Edgardo Pamintuan Sr.

Elected Mayor

Edgardo Pamintuan Sr.

Local elections will be held in the city of Angeles in Pampanga on May 13, 2013, in conjunction with the 2013 Philippine midterm elections. Registered voters of the city will be electing candidates for the following elective local posts: city mayor, city vice mayor, and ten councilors.

As Angeles City is a highly urbanized city, its voters do note vote for Pampanga elective officials; however, they participate in electing the province's first district representative. That district also includes the city of Mabalacat and the municipality of Magalang, all component local government units of the province.


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes win their respective seats. They are elected separately; therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.


Edgardo Pamintuan Sr. is the incumbent. he is challenge by 1st District Congressman Carmelo Lazatin.

Angeles City Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
PAK/ABE Edgardo Pamintuan Sr. 59,504 54.80
Lakas Carmelo Lazatin 45,535 41.94
Invalid or blank votes 3,544 3.26
Total votes 108,583 100.00
PAK/ABE hold

Vice Mayor[edit]

Maria Vicente Vega-Cabigting is the incumbent. Her opponents is 2 councilors Joseph Alfie Bonifacio and Jesus Sangil, Barangay Balibago Chairman Rodelio Mamac, Sr. and Mark Allen Sison.

Angeles City Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
PAK/ABE Maria Vicenta Vega-Cabigting 33,828 31.15
Liberal Rodelio Mamac Sr. 28,008 25.79
Nacionalista Joseph Alfie Bonifacio 20,819 19.17
Independent Jesus Sangil 12,849 11.83
UNA Mark Allen Sison 4,318 3.98
Invalid or blank votes 8,761 8.07
Total votes 108,583 100.00
PAK/ABE hold

City Councilors[edit]

Voting is via plurality-at-large voting: Voters will vote for ten (10) candidates and the ten candidates with the highest amount of votes are elected.


Angeles City Council Election
Party Candidate Votes %
PAK/ABE Jericho Aguas 66,756 61.48
NPC Bryan Nepomuceno 63,856 58.81
PAK/ABE Arvin Suller 63,366 58.36
PAK/ABE Danica Lacson 58,374 53.76
PAK/ABE Maricel Morales 57,932 53.35
PAK/ABE Edgardo Pamintuan, Jr. 57,525 52.98
PAK/ABE Alexander Indiongco 51,711 47.62
Lakas Carmelo Lazatin, Jr. 50,476 46.49
Lakas Max Sangil 42,535 39.17
PAK/ABE Amos Rivera 40,004 36.84
Independent Ares Yabut 36,220 33.36
PAK/ABE Lito Ganzon 31,994 29.47
PAK/ABE Ruben Maniago 30,839 28.40
Lakas Nino Enriquez 28,898 26.61
Independent Agapito Del Rosario 24,706 22.75
Liberal Rudy Simeon 21,935 20.20
PAK/ABE Romeo Taruc 21,031 19.37
Total votes 108,503 100.00

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