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A screenshot of Angelfire
Type of site
Paid web hosting service
Launched1996; 28 years ago (1996)

Angelfire is an Internet service that offers website services. It is owned by Lycos, which also owns Angelfire operates separately from and includes features such as blog building and a photo gallery builder. Free webpages are no longer available to new registrants and have been replaced by paid services.


Angelfire was founded in 1996 and was originally a combination Web site building and medical transcription service.[1][2] Eventually the site dropped the transcription service and focused solely on website hosting, offering only paid memberships.[2] The site was bought by Mountain View, California–based WhoWhere on October 20, 1997,[3] which, in turn, was subsequently purchased by the search engine company Lycos on August 11, 1998, for US$133 million.[4] [5]

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