Angelien Eijsink

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Angelien Eijsink

Angeline Maria Catharina (Angelien) Eijsink (born 1 April 1960 in St. Isidorushoeve)[1] is a Dutch politician and former civil servant and educator. As a member of the Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid) she was an MP between 30 January 2003 and 23 March 2017.[2] She focused on matters of the Dutch defense.

Life and career

Career diplomat, 1995–2003

From 1995, Eijsink was a career diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among other positions, she held the position of Head of the Southern Africa Division of the Sub-Saharan Africa Department.

Member of Parliament, 2003–2017

Eijsink was a Member of the Dutch House of Representatives since the 2003 national elections. Since 2013, she served as chairwoman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. In addition, she is also was member of the committees on Defence, European Affairs, Public Expenditure, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Housing and the Central Government Sector, and Kingdom Relations.

Other activities

  • Netherlands Atlantic Association, Member of the Board of Directors
  • Association of Active Veterans, Member of the Board of Recommendation of the
  • Centre for European Security Studies (CESS), Member of the Board of Directors


  1. ^ Sint Isidorushoeve is a village in the municipality of Haaksbergen.
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