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Angelika Film Center
The New York Angelika, at The Cable Building in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.
Address New York City
United States
Opened 1989

Angelika Film Center is a movie theater chain in the United States that features independent and foreign films. It operates theaters in New York City, Texas, Washington, DC and Virginia. Its headquarters are in New York City.[1]


The original Angelika Film Center & Café opened in New York City's NoHo neighborhood in 1989. The New York Angelika, which is located at The Cable Building on the corner of Houston and Mercer Streets, is the flagship cinema. In 1997 it opened a theater in Houston, Texas, which was closed August 29, 2010.[2] In 2001, an Angelika opened in the Mockingbird Station in Dallas, Texas, and in 2004, an Angelika opened in Plano, Texas.[3] On October 9, 2015, a new location opened in San Diego. [4]

From 1997 to 2005, the Angelika Film Center was used as the set for At The Angelika, a weekly TV series distributed by IFC Films.[citation needed] The show moved to the IFC Center on Sixth Avenue and changed its name to At the IFC Center when that venue opened in June 2005.

The Angelika launched a blog where they post their own video and written interviews with directors and actors that are involved with the films they show.[citation needed]

The Angelika Film Center is owned by Reading Entertainment and iDNA, Inc.[3]

In Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks (on the Clerks X DVD) Kevin Smith and Vincent Pereira recall attending movies at the Angelika (notably Richard Linklater's debut Slacker). The film also mentions the disastrous first public screening of Clerks at the Independent Film Feature Market (the IFFM) and has a scene with Smith and Scott Mosier standing outside the theatre.[citation needed]


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