Angell Hall Observatory

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Angell Hall Observatory
Organization University of Michigan
Observatory code 767
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan
Coordinates 42°16′36.3″N 83°44′23.7″W / 42.276750°N 83.739917°W / 42.276750; -83.739917
Established 1927
Website Angell Hall Observatory
Unnamed telescope 0.4 m reflector

Angell Hall Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by University of Michigan. It is located on the UM Central Campus on top of Angell Hall in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). It has a computer-controlled 0.4-m Cassegrain telescope in its single dome, and a small radio telescope on the roof. In the past has housed a large, clock-driven refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope in side-by-side domes. The current telescope was manufactured by DFM Engineering and installed in December 1994.

Other observatories that UM has operated include the Detroit Observatory (1854), the Lamont-Hussey Observatory (South Africa, 1928), the McMath-Hulbert Observatory (Lake Angelus, Michigan, 1930), and the Peach Mountain Observatory (Dexter, Michigan 1958).

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