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Angelo Mariani (chemist)

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Angelo Mariani
Mariani in 1900
Born(1838-12-17)17 December 1838
Died1 April 1914(1914-04-01) (aged 75)
Known forInventor of the first coca wine
Scientific career
Advertising bill for the wine Mariani, lithograph by Jules Chéret, 1894

Angelo Mariani or Ange-François Mariani (17 December 1838 – 1 April 1914) was a French chemist and entrepreneur from the island of Corsica. He was born in Pero-Casevecchie, Haute-Corse.

Early life


Mariani was born on 17 December 1838 on the island of Corsica in France. His family consisted of wealthy healthcare workers.[1]



He is best known as the inventor of the first coca wine, Vin Mariani, in 1863. His contribution was to introduce the coca leaf indirectly to the general public. Mariani imported tons of coca leaves and used an extract from them in many products. It was Mariani's coca wine, though, that made him rich and famous. Mariani was also awarded with a medal of appreciation from Pope Leo XIII.[2]

This tonic wine has been described as the ancestor of Coca-Cola.[3]


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